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The UNC Tar Heels have had successes with all of their sports teams. They scored victories in the team national championship 39 times. They also won 51 national championships.

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Q: What is the highest achievement of the UNC Tar Heels?
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How did the unc tar heels get their name?

they make a lot of tar in that area

When did the USC trojans play the UNC tar heels in football?

1993, at Southern California. UNC won the game.

Who upset Unc tar heels in the 1999 ncaa tournament?

Weber State beat the Tarheels. GO DUKE

When did ncsu play unc in football for the first time?

October 12, 1894 with the Tar Heels winning 44-0.

How can you purchase UNC basketball tickets?

UNC basketball tickets are available for purchase from the UNC box office, Stub Hub, Ticket City, and Got Tickets. Tickets for the UNC Tar Heels 2013-2014 season are not currently available for purchase.

What is the name of the UNC tar heels ram mascot?

His name is Ramses, pronounced RAM-SEES, only a true tar heel fan will know. His name comes from back in the early 1920s and 30s. Go Heels! The correct spelling is Rameses. Read the history at:

How old is unc?

UNC in Chapel Hill was started in 1789. So it is 219 years old. 2008 -1789 219 GO TAR HEELS!!! UNC started in 1789 and it is 2008. 2008 - 1789 = 219 years old

What font is used for unc tarheels?

heel of tar

Which NCAA basketball champion did not return to NCAA tournament after championship?

The most recent team to win a championship and not return to the tournament was last year's champions, the UNC Tar Heels. UNC won the national championship over MSU last year. This year UNC did not make the NCAA March Madness tournament everyone knows and loves but did make it into the NIT tournament.

Why is the ram the mascot of UNC?

Two different, but plausible, origins of the North Carolina "Tarheel" nickname. of which I am aware, are: ' 1) Tar stuck on the heels of sailors, longshoremen and other persons working on and around ships, docks etc in North Carolina's first settlements, all on the sea cost. The seams on hulls,wharfs, piers and decks were covered with tar as waterproofing: Tar Heels 2) During the Civil War, North Carolina troops fought so steadfastlhy that they gave no ground in one battle. It was observed by a Confederate general (possibly Lee) that they held their ground like their heels were stuck to the ground with tar: Tar Heels. Of course, this origin could actually be in reference to the first one, that is Lee, from Virginia knew of their maritime "Tar Heel" moniker and adapted it to fit the situation at hand

What is the campus life at UNC Chapel Hill?

Campus life at Chapel Hill is just like other major universities. You have your mix of a little bit of everything.Answer 2Additionally it would be recommended to try out UNC's Humans vs. Zombies. This is a week long game of tag, each university has their own reasons and rules for doing it. UNC has a very dedicated community for it however. Also it would be advised to follow the Tar Heels.

Is a tar heel a ram?

UNC's mascot is a RAM. The state North Carolina is known for it's early settlement trading of tar. NC had tar springs and used it in bartering. I guess for that reason they call themselves Tarheels. They seem a little mixed up to me in not knowing their identity. Not one person at UNC has ever stepped in tar. They never call themselves Rams, nor does any commentator.