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Q: What year was the 60 meter hurdle race established?
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Who is the fastest year 8 80 meter hurdle runner in croyden?

david sprinks

What is a national hunt pattern race?

A steeple chase, hurdle race or National Hunt Flat Race is a Pattern Race if, in any particular year5.1.1 it appears in the list of pattern races in the steeple chase and hurdle race section of theProgramme Book published by the Authority, or5.1.2 in the case of a race run in Ireland, it appears as a pattern race in the Irish Racing Calendar.Such pattern races are divided into Grades 1, 2 and 3

How was the length of a meter redefined in the year 1993?

It was not. The current definition was established in 1983.

What is the Fastest time for a 13 year old athlete in a 200 meter race?


Who is Olympics champions win 400 meter race?

Well that would depend on the year...

What is the average time for an 11 year old girl to run the 1500 meter race?

8 minute

What is the average time for a 13 year old boy in the 3200 meter race?


What is the fastest time a 12 year old ran the 400 meter race?

43 seconds

What is a good timing for a 14 year old in 400 meter race?

At least 55 seconds and below

What is a good time for a 11 year old girl in a 200 meter race?

My daughter set a local record in our city w a 28.9 second 200 meter

What is Roger Black famous for?

Roger Black, also known as 'Black Magic', is a British athlete. He is famous for participating in his final race of the 400 meter race in the year of 1998.

What is the average time for a ten year old to run a 400 meter race?

Well 10 year olds are a little young for a 400 meter. you have to be mentaly tough and physicaly tought to run a 400 meter dash. i bet an average 10 year old can run a 400 in like 1min 20sec, somewhere around there.

What is a fast time for a 9 year old girl in 50 meter sprint race?

A fast time is probably 16 or 17 seconds!:)

What is the average time for a 13 year old girl to complete a 1400 meter race?

with training 8 minutes or less, it has been achieved by a 12 year old in 5.35 minutes

What is a good time for a 12 year old boy in the 200 meter race?

25 secs is a good time a very good one at that actually.

What should your time in the 800 meter race be if you are a 54-year-old man?

i just turned 55 and my best time is 1minute 59.8 seconds

Worlds best hurdle runner?

Dayron Robles of Cuba won the Olympic 110m hurdle competition and also holds the world record, so one could say that he is the best in the world at the moment in the 110s. His main competition, Liu Xiang, of China, exited the Olympics because of an Achilles injury. Angelo Taylor (USA) won the 400m hurdle competition, but Kevin Young (USA) has held the world record in that event since 1992. NOTE: this is taking about todays best hurdles, not the pasts. The 110 meter Hurdles will be very interesting next year and the best will definitely be crowned next year. Most Track and field fans will want to see the showdown between 3 champions: Dayron Robles, Ryan Brathwaite, and Liu Xiang. Throw in some American Wild cards and Terrence Trammell and you have a good race. The 400 meter Hurdles will be a lockdown by Kerron Clement. The old Angelo Taylor will not try to challenge him. Javier Culson, L. J. Van Zyl, or Batman Jackson can only hope to defeat Kerron Clement once or twice next year.

Will a 8.5 in 60 meter hurdles get you a 14.5 in the 110 meter hurdles?

Highly unlikely, unless the finish is amazing. 8.5 60m will likely net in the mid 15 range for 110m. To run 14.5 over 110m, you need to run around 7.8 60m It is very dependant on how you hurdle. I personally have run 8.15 as a PR in the 60mH in the same year that I ran 13.88 in the 110s.

In what year was Nike established?

it was established in the year 1972 i think ^_^

How old do you have to be to start a race car driving career?

NASCAR's new rule is 18 years old. It was established when 16 year old Kyle Busch tried to run a Crafstman Truck series race with Marlboro cigarettes as a sponser

What is the height of a hurdle for an u15 girl?

A 15 year old girl would run the 33" hurdles.

What year was the Democratic Party established?

what year was the democratic partey established

In which year was the LEGO group established?

Lego was established in the year of 1932.

In which year was Cherokee County established?

The Cherokee County was established in the year of 1846. The Cherokee County was established in the Nacogdoches County and was organized in the same year.

In which year was who established?

It was established on 7 April 1948