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Q: What year was bj tyler drafted by the philadelphia sixers?
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Where does the 'sixers' in Philadelphia sixers name come from?

It is the Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers for short) in reference to the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall in order to obtain independence for the colonies from Great Britain.

What is the meaning of seventy-sixers?

1776 is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.

What year was Reggie White drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles?

Reggie White was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 1984 NFLSupplemental Draft.

Who plays for unc?

tyler hansbrough and ty lawson were on the team but they just finished there senior year and are probably going to get drafted

What year did the blazers win the final and against who?

1976 versus the sixers

What year was Donovan McNabb drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles?

Donovan McNabb was a first round choice of the Eagles in 1999.

What year was the US Constitution drafted in?

It was drafted in the year 1787.

What year did Earl Lloyd play for the 76ers?

Earl was drafted in 1950 and player for the 76ers in 1963 was when he moved to Philadelphia to play for the 76ers.

Who was drafted form Georgia this year?

Anthony Richardson was drafted this year

When was Eric Lindros drafted to the NHL?

Eric Lindros, a former Center hockey player, born in Canada, was drafted in the 1991 NHL Draft by the Quebec Norbiques. The following year he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

What year did grant hill get drafted to the nba?

He was drafted in 1994.

What year did David Beckham get drafted?

He has never been drafted

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