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rm125 frame number 70121 whay year

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Q: What year is your suzuki rm 125 frame number rf15a-1077448?
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What is the Suzuki motorcycle exact model and year of manufacture the frame number is GS75X-707822?

gsx 750 1982

How do you age a Suzuki RM250 engine from its engine number?

Look at the vin tag on the steering head tube of the frame, it should have the year stamped on it.

What year is my suzuki pe 175 frame serial number pe175-213062?

if you ring Crooks Suzuki 01229 822120 they can tell you and you can get a certificate to take to your local dvla office if your after an age related plate, that's what my brother did for his pe 400.

What model and year is Suzuki engine number J438-105503?

Suzuki Tu250X model. Year pass.

Old suzuki rm125 VIN number is rm12568533 what year is it?

that vin number decodes a 1978 RM125C.RM125C RM125-61851 to 84328 frameRM125-62013 to 84644engine

Finding year of suzuki rm125?

Look at the vin tag on the steering head tube of the frame, the year should be on the vin tag.

How can i find the year of my Suzuki RM250 dirt bike?

look on the front on the frame you will see a vin numberwrite that down and call a dirt bike mechanic or call suzuki

How do you find out what model and year your 250 Yamaha dirt bike is frame number is 3RB-012812?

3RB-012812 is not a frame number for a 250 Yamaha dirt bike; it's a motor number. To find out the model year and frame, you need the frame number.

What year is KTM bike frame number 550 01219?

There is not information on the year of a bike with the frame number 550 01219.

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN number J428-100482?

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN NumberSJ45A102114

What year is your suzuki 250 fourwheeler model number jsaaj11a4f2100222?

1985 Suzuki LT250R

How can you determine the engine type from the VIN?

To whom it may concern, I personally just went through this with suzuki on a bike I'm restoring. the VIN number on the frame only tells the information about what country built the frame,what year the frame was built,what plant the frame was built in , a secret code letter that only the factory knows what it means and the number of the frame,,ie. frame number 1000 out of 12457 units built. what the numbers on the engine mean,I have no idea. I have checked different sites but to no avail. What i suggest you do,is to copy down both the VIN and engine number,contact the manufacterer,In my case it was Suzuki Canada,and they did the research for me. Every manufacturer records the numbers when the vehicle is built and archives this information.In my case I found out that even though the engine and frame numbers were different,they were the right numbers and the frame and engine match together. I hope this helps and good luck.

What year is your suzuki rmz450 chassis number js1rl42a000504895?

its a 2000

What is the year and model for Suzuki ATV VIN number jsaaj45a8v2101299?

1997 Suzuki LT-4wd

What year suzuki has VIN number jsaaj49ax12100238?

It is a 2001.

What is production year of Yamaha XS400 frame number 16Y-011054?

The production year of Yamaha xS400 frame number 16Y-011054 is manufactured in 1980.

How can you tell the year model of your Suzuki DR 100?

Identifying your Suzuki's model year can be found from this website. There is a model year code in the serial number on the frame. This started in 1980 according to this website. I have a 1983 DR 125 and I used this site to verify mine, it was correct. Have fun and keep the classic dirt bikes alive, restore them!

Suzuki rm 80 frame number rc11c-101799 what year?

hi if your name is Vick ive just answerd your question over on blurt it but its 1983 RM80 (H) cheers Darren

What year is your Yamaha vx 535 with a frame and engine number of 3JC-2186-01?

what year is your yamaha vx with frame and engine number of 3JC-2186-01

What year is suzuki motorcycle engine number GS110X161085?


Where is year on bicycles?

The frame number can usually be found on the underside of the bottom bracket. With that you might be able to track down the year-if you find someone who can tell you how to decode the frame number.

What model and year is Suzuki engine number RV90-92127?


What model and year is suzuki engine number R716-104457?


What year is suzuki engine serial number T708-140253?


What year is suzuki engine serial number N727-111897?


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What year is your suzuki rm125 vin rf15a 103360?

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