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There is not information on the year of a bike with the frame number 550 01219.

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Q: What year is KTM bike frame number 550 01219?
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How do you find out what model and year your 250 Yamaha dirt bike is frame number is 3RB-012812?

3RB-012812 is not a frame number for a 250 Yamaha dirt bike; it's a motor number. To find out the model year and frame, you need the frame number.

What year is your bike frame number RJ16A-100107 engine number is J110-119950?


What year is my cagiva 350 trials bike frame number B00300215?

I had one thats serial number was 300007, and it was a 1983.

Can you find a Honda motorcycle year and make from the engine serial number and frame serial serial number?

Yes, if you have the frame number (and the bike is original) phone your Honda parts dealer and he can tell you the model and year of manufacture.

How do you tell year of banshee?

on your main frame in between your a -arm and the frame on your left side when your sitting on the bike the frame number is there and on ur left side on the engine case there is a permenet tag with your engine number on it

How would you know the year model of Honda CRF450X by means of its serial number?

phone your Honda dealer with the frame number (right hand side of bike if sat on,headstock part of frame) they will tell you the year.

What model is this Yamaha frame no G3-204191?

I have a Yamaha 80cc with frame number and matching engine number: G3 116632. I believe this is a european bike because the spedo is in Klm,s and the year is 1964

What year model is your bike with frame no dx250f-010377?

i think 1992

How to identify the year of a YZ 125?

Look at the frame for a sticker that will say the year OR find the VIN number stamped on the neck of the bike frame - it is 17 digits. One of the letters (not a number) in the VIN is the YEAR CODE. look up on net for a VIN DECODER and run the VIN. it will tell you the year OR bring VIN into a Yamaha dealer they will tell you

How do you find the year of your kawasaki kx80 offroad bike?

== == Most motorcycles have the VIN stamped into the front forks or front frame. The serial number contains a year of manufacture code. Call a dealer, tell them the serial number and they'll tell you the year.

How can you tell what year and model your atlas bike is?

There is usually a transfer on the frame saying what model it is

How do you find out what year your kx125 is?

get the vin number off the frame under the handle bars. Then go to and look underparts diagram. there you can enter the vin number and voila...all info on the bike.