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The Orange Bowl.

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Q: What stadium the the Miami Dolphins play in their first season?
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When was Miami Dolphins football stadium open?

the Miami dolphins stadium was first open in 1966

What was the first year the NFL played in London?

The Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium in London, England on October 28, 2007. The Giants defeated the Dolphins 13-10 in the first regular season NFL game held outside of North America.

Who were the players on the 1965 Miami Dolphins team?

No one. Miami's first season in the American Football League was 1966.

What was the first professional football team in Florida?

The Miami Dolphins whose first season in the American Football League was 1966.

When did the Miami Dolphins join the NFL?

The Dolphins joined the NFL when the AFL-NFL merger took place prior to the 1970 season. The Dolphins first season in the AFL was 1966 and were a member of the AFL East Division from 1966-1969.

When did they build the Florida Marlins stadium?

They broke ground on December 1, 1985. The stadium opened on August 16, 1987. Sun Life Stadium was originally named Joe Robbie Stadium and was first used as the home of the Miami Dolphins.

Who did the redskins play first in the regular season game in 2007?

Washington beat the Miami Dolphins, 16-13 in overtime, in the first regular season game of 2007.

Patriots win streak vs dolphins?

The Patriots currently do not have a wining streak against the Miami Dolphins. They lost the first game of the 2008 season the the 'phins.

Which was the first stadium in Texas to be used for the super bowl?

Rice Stadium.Rice Stadium in Houston was the venue for Super Bowl VIII (played January 13, 1974) between the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.

For the first regular season game in 2007 who did the Redskins play?

Miami Dolphins. The Redskins won in OT, 16-13.

Who scored the Dolphins first touchdown ever?

The first ever regular season TD in Miami Dolphins history was scored by Joe Auer on a 95 yard return of the opening kickoff in the Dolphins first regular season game played against the Oakland Raiders on September 2, 1966. The Raiders won that game 23-14.

Who was the first coach of the Miami Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins' first head coach was named George Wilson, and he was head coach from 1966-1969.

How many years did it take before dallas won there first super bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys won their first Super Bowl championship in their 12th season in the National Football League. On January 16, 1972, the Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins, 24-3, in Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

How long did it take the Dallas Cowboys to win their first Super Bowl?

On January 16, 1972, the Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl VI at the end of their 12th season as a National Football League franchise. The Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins, 24-3, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

Who was the first head of the Miami Dolphins?


Who was first undeafeted NFL team?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 in the regular season, and then went on to win the Super Bowl The above answer is incorrect. The correct answer is the 1920 Akron Pros, who went 8-0-3 and were crowned as the NFL's first champions. The '72 Dolphins were the first team to have a *perfect* season, but not the first to go undefeated.

Which was the first team to go undefeated in an NFL season?

The Miami Dolphins went undefeated in 1972 during the 3rd year of being coached by Don Shula.

Who was the first NFL team to go undefeated in a season?

The first team that went undefeated in regular season and won the Super Bowl was the 1972 Miami Dolphins who went 17-0-0 (14-0-0 in the regular season and 3-0 in the playoffs).

How many games the Miami Dolphins win in the 2008-2009?

2008 record was 11-5 During the regular season the Dolphins completed the greatest single-season turnaround in NFL history,going from a 1-15 regular season record in 2007 to an 11-5 record in 2008. Additionally, Miami won the AFC East, becoming the first team in NFL history to win their division after only having one win the previous season.

How many Super Bowl titles do the Miami Dolphins have?

The Miami Dolphins have 2 superbowl titles as of the year 2013. They have gone to the superbowl 5 times. The Miami Dolphins where the first team ro appear at the superbowl thre consecutive times.

Who was the quarterback and running back of Miami Dolphins in 1972?

At quarterback, the Dolphins started Bob Griese for the first 5 games of the season. After he got injured, Earl Morrall started the remaining 9 regular season games, as well as the Dolphins' first two playoff games. Griese returned to make his 6th start of the season in the Super Bowl against the Redskins. At running back, the Dolphins split time at halfback between Mercury Morris and Jim Kiick.

What quarterback took over for dan marino in 1993?

Scott Mitchell took over in the 1993 season as starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, but in the next season and until 2000, Dan Marino was first choice.

Did the Miami Dolphins make it to the Super Bowl in Marinos rookie season?

No, they lost in the Playoffs, but he did make it in his second year and he was the first Rookie-QB to go to the Pro Bowl!

What is the best football team in NFL?

fins up. the Miami dolphins went sixteen and o and won the super bowl The Miami Dolphins had a perfect season - 17 wins 0 loses. The wins include Super Bowl VII. It was the first time in history that an NFL team had a perfect season and still stands as the only perfect season. been 38 years and never been back since

When the Miami Dolphins first formed?

The Dolphins joined the American Football League as an expansion team in 1966.