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Baseball has man myths to how it started but many people say that it stared in the year of 1839. and was invented by a man by the name of Abner Doubleday. he says that he was the one who invented baseball but not many people believe him.

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Q: What year did whatb year did baseball start MLB?
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When do the playoffs start MLB?

They start October 4th this year.

When do the MLB playoffs start?

They start October 4th this year.

What year were the official rules of MLB baseball made?


What year did Babe Ruth start playing in the MLB?


What year did curtis granderson start major league baseball?

Granderson played for the minor leagues on the Oneonta Tigers, then the Seawolves. Then in 2004 he was drafted to the MLB Detroit TIgers to start his career.

What do MLB umpires get paid?

Major League Baseball umpires are paid around $120,000 per year when they start. However, they can make more than $300,000 a year when they are more experienced.

When will ea sports start making mvp baseball for MLB again?


What is the average retirement salary of an MLB baseball player?

$1 a year

What does MLB mean in baseball?

MLB = Major League Baseball :)

What Major League Baseball team names start with the letter o?

· Oakland Athletics (MLB) · Orioles - Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

How many stitches on an MLB baseball?

There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB baseball.

Number of players necessary to start a baseball game?

in MLB a team must start the game with 9 players or they forfeit the game

When did the MLB start?

The MLB started in 1869.

When did MLB start?

The MLB started in 1869.

What time does the 2009 Major League Baseball draft start?

The 2009 MLB Amateur Draft begins at 6p.m. Eastern time on the MLB Network.

What year was there no post season baseball?

1994, the year of an MLB players' strike. Toronto and Philadelphia remained league champions for an additional year.

When does the MLB season start?

The MLB season usually starts from the beginning of April.

How many players are there on a starting baseball team?

9 start in the field. In the MLB, 25 are on the full team.

Is there a list of MLB players by year they retired?

The baseball almanac website provides a list of MLB players by year they retired. They provide a comprehensive breakdown of every retired uniform number in the National League.

When did the denver rockies baseball team have their inaugural year?

The Rockies first season in MLB was 1993.

What baseball teams start with an 'o'?

The Baltimore Orioles are the only Major League Baseball (MLB) team whose name starts with an 'o'. The Oakland Athletics are the only MLB team whose city/location starts with an 'o'.

Which were the first baseball teams?

The only known ones are the cubs,RED SOx and yanks were all teams at the start of the first mlb baseball season

When did the MLB start using the Wildcard format?

Major League Baseball started using the wildcard format in 1994.

When do playoffs start MLB?

The baseball playoffs begin a few days after the regular season ends in early October.

What does MLB mean?

MLB stands for Major League Baseball!