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Q: What year were the official rules of MLB baseball made?
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What year did The Knickerbocker Club came up with the rules of baseball?

1845 is when the Knickerbockers made the baseball rules. Hope that helped (:

What year was a colt 38 official police sn779073 made?

It was made in 1950

What year was the Canadian flag made?

The current flag was made official in 1965.

In what year did the first form of the Infield Fly rules appear in the official rules of baseball?

The infield fly rule came into existence in 1895. However, the rule stated that it was only in effect when there was one out. This was changed in 1901 to include being in effect when there were no outs as well as when there was one out.

What year was Irish made an official language of the European Union?

In 2005.

Colt official police sn 907172 what year made?


When was Pi Day made official?

Pi Day, celebrated on 14 March every year, was made official in 2009. See the related weblink.

Have the rules changed from the first time it was played?

Yes, just last year major league baseball made a rule that umpires could review home run calls.

What year was soccer officially made a sport?

It depends on what you consider official. Soccer was played at universities in Europe as far back as 1815. Eton College established a specific set of rules. Soccer was played at a lot of colleges in the US in 1820, but there were no intercollegiate games, and the rules changed quite often. Soccer was first considered an official sport of the Olympics starting in 1904.

What year is a 38 colt official police with serial 701523?

Made in 1943.

How much is a spalding ford c frick baseball worth?

Official Spalding National League Ford Frick baseballOfficial Spalding National League Ford Frick baseballs were made and used from 1934 to 1951. Value could vary depending on the year the baseball was made. In general an Official National League Ford Frick baseball is worth about $250.00 in Excellent - Near Mint condition without the box.

What year did Alexander Cartwright invent baseball?

Alexander Cartwright drew up the first set of standardized rules for the game of baseball in 1845.

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