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Metro Volleyball Conference (Milwaukee)

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Q: What volleyball leagues start with m?
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How many amateur leagues in the us for volleyball?

there are about 4 kids, teens, champion, adult

Are there any volleyball leagues in Indiana?

Yes there are leagues in Indiana. There is a league in Fort Wayne For more information, please visit the links in the "Related Links" section

Do you have be a age to play volleyball?

To play for schools, volleyball usually starts in Middle School but I took camps in third grade and people can play volleyball all their lives because there are many leagues.

How many players are on a court at a volleyball game?

There are many different leagues for volleyball, for beach volleyball they usually have two players on each side of the court, but for outdoor volleyball they'll either have four or more players on each side, and for indoor volleyball they have six players on each side of the court.

How big or wide is a volleyball?

The offical size is a 7 and weighs about 1lb... for younger leagues, about a 5 is probably right

What year did they start playing volleyball?

In 1895, volleyball was first invented.

When do summer lacrosse leagues start?


How big is a volleyball net?

depth:1 m length:9.5 m

Are there any youth volleyball leagues in the Fort Wayne area?

They can join this adult league ( if they are 13 and over. Or look up Fort Wayne Volleyball Club or Performance Plus.

How do you make the volleyball team in high school as a freshman if I've never played before?

The only way would be to play in some other volleyball leagues first or go to some camps.

Who came up with volleyball?

William G. Morgan m a US physical instructor found volleyball

Is volleyball played national local or reigonal?

Volleyball is played at all levels. You have local leagues and teams, regional tournaments for these club teams and nationals once a year for these teams. for example, i play for Alpine Volleyball Club. We play in the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (a regional subdivison of USA volleyball) and we are going to Kentucky for the JDVA national tournament. Also, volleyball is played internationally.

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