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They currently don't.

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Q: What year did they start playing cricket in the Olympics?
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What year did England start playing cricket?

When cricket was invented they invented it

What year did NBA players start playing in the Olympics?


What year did don bradman start playing cricket for Australia?


In which year did cricket start in India?

As a boat was lying off the Gulf of Cambay in 1721, one cricketer, Downing, noted, "Every day we diverted ourselves with playing cricket and other exercises".

In what year did the Modern Olympics start?

1896 the first modern Olympics started

Where will the winter Olympics be held this year and when does it start?

The winter Olympics will be in Vancouver in 2010.

What year did ice hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer olympics.

What year did the Olympics start in Georgia?

Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Olympics in 1996.

What is in the Olympics this year?

playing hockey with tomatos in underwear

In which year Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket?


What year did the modern Olympics start?


What year did the winter Olympics start?


In which year the next Olympics will start?

not known

When does the Olympics start this year?

in july 2012

When did the power Olympics start?

in the year 2012

Which year did Usain Bolt start the Olympics?

Usain Bolt started the Olympics in 2004

What year did Austria start participating Olympics?

it started in year 1908

What year marks the start of modern Olympics?

go eat balls i dont like olympics

In which country twenty20 cricket start?

England in the year 2003

What year did Usain Bolt start Olympics?


What year did the ancient olympics start?

776 bc

What time of year did the Ancinent Olympics start?


What year did the modern day Olympics start?


What year did women start competing in the Olympics?


What year did the Decathlon start?

In the modern Olympics, 1904.