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The first series between the Padres and Twins was played in San Diego from June 6, 2003 to June 8, 2003.

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Q: What year did the padres first play the twins?
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What year did the Minnesota Twins play their first game at Metropolitan Stadium?

The Minnesota Twins played their first game at Metropolitan Stadium on April 21, 1961.

What year did the twins play their first game at the metrodome?

The Twins first regular season game in the Metrodome was April 6, 1982 against the Seattle Mariners. The Twins lost that game 11-7.

What year did the twins first play baseball?

The Twins franchise was a charter member of the American League, playing in Washington as the Senators beginning in 1901. The Senators moved to Minnesota and became the Twins for the 1961 season.

What team did David Ortiz play for his rookie year?

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What year was the Padres first season?

Their first year as a baseball team was in 1936 as a PCL minor league team. Their first year as a major league team was 1969

What year were the twins born in?

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Have the San Diego Padres ever played at Fenway Park?

Yes, they play 3 games there every year.

What is the name of the new stadium where the Minnesota Twins will play this year?

The new stadium for the Twins is called Target Field. The stadium will open on April 12, 2010.

Who do you think should be baseballs National League Manager of the Year?

Bud Black of the San Diego Padres. No one could have guessed that the Padres would play so well for so long.

What year did the Minnesota Twins win their first World Series?

The Minnesota Twins won their first World Series in 1987, defeating the St Louis Cardinals in game seven.

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1958 was the first year it was a stroke play event.

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