What year did the cowboys originate?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Dallas Cowboys played their first NFL game in 1960. They were 0-11-1 that season.

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The Cowboys were an NFL expansion team in 1960.

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Q: What year did the cowboys originate?
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What Dallas Cowboys played at Oklahoma University?

Throughout the Cowboys history:1) LB Reggie Barnes - Year with Cowboys: 1995.2) LB Joe Bowden - Year with Cowboys: 2000.3) S Scott Case - Year with Cowboys: 1995.4) DT Tony Casillas - Years with Cowboys: 1991-1993 and 1996-1997.5) C Kyle Davis - Year with Cowboys: 1975.6) CB Wendell Davis - Years with Cowboys: 1996-1999.7) S Jim Harris - Year with Cowboys: 1961.8) S Randy Hughes - Years with Cowboys: 1975-1980.9) WR Tommy McDonald - Year with Cowboys: 1964.10) TE Joey Mickey - Year with Cowboys: 1993.11) OL Ralph Neely - Years with Cowboys: 1965-1977.12) WR Lance Rentzel - Years with Cowboys: 1967-1970.13) WR Derrick Shepard - Years with Cowboys: 1989-1991.14) LB Jerry Tubbs - Years with Cowboys: 1960-1967.15) S Roy Williams - Years with Cowboys: 2002-2008.

Who is better cowboys or broncos or 49ers?

Hell naw there no way the cowboys cant beat the broncos...... They already beat them twice last year n this year!!!!

Are the cowboys better then The Steelers?

Not this year.

What year did the Cowboys get put into the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys were an NFL expansion team in 1960.

What year did staubach get drafted by the cowboys?

Staubach was a 10th round choice of the Cowboys in 1964.

Who won cowboys or egales?

This year 2010 the Cowboys beat the Eagles in the playoff game.

Who is wade manning from Dallas Cowboys?

He was a NFL wide receiver for the Dallas cowboys that had a 3 year NFL experience 1979-1981 he play his rookie year on the cowboys recovering for 0 yards but had a kick return yard count of 55 and a punt return total of 145 in his year with the cowboys.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys begin play?

The Cowboys began play in 1960.

What year was Melissa rycroft a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys?

Her first year on the cheerleading squad was during the Dallas Cowboys' 2006-2007 season.

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