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Her first year on the Cheerleading squad was during the Dallas Cowboys' 2006-2007 season.

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Q: What year was Melissa rycroft a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys?
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Did Melissa Rycroft audition for the 2008 Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad?

No, she did not.

Who is Melissa Rycroft?

She is a contestant on the Bachelor and dancing with the stars and was a cheerleader with the Dallas Cowboys

What was Melissa rycroft's childhood like?

well since i am most definitely Melissa rycroft let me tell you. it was great i grew up in dallas Texas. i took ballet and participated in cheerleading hence why i went on to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader GET IT?!

Where does Melissa Rycroft's family live?


Is Melissa Rycroft Greek?

She says that she is Greek on her Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader profile IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Greece- I'm Greek and have always been interested in visiting it. It looks beautiful.

Did Melissa rycroft not make the dallas cowboy cheerleaders this year?

Melissa did not try out this year.

Was Demi Lovato's mom a Dallas cheerleader?

Dallas cowboys

What is the tattoo Melissa Rycroft has on her back?

It would seem that Melissa Rycroft is trying to hide it or at least producers of Dancing with the Stars are hiding it with a flesh colored fabric covering her lower back. There are consistant reports that say it is a tattoo that says "True Love". Apparently even as a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys she was told to cover the tattoo with make up. Some people think tattoos and especially in the lower back region are not very classy with many calling them "tramp stamp". But hey, who are we to judge.

Who is the redhead former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

Meredith Oden

Who is malia morales?

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 2009 season

What is the dress size of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?


Why is Megan Fox not on the 2008 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad?

She now works for the Dallas Cowboys. She's an assistant on Judy's staff.