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1960 and 1980 were the only years that the US Men's Hockey Team won the gold medal at the Olympics.

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Q: What year did the US win the hockey championship in the Olympics?
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What year did rpi hockey win a ncaa championship?

1954 AND 1985

What year did the US win the gold medal for hockey in the winter Olympics?

1960 and 1980

When did Australia win the Ice hockey Olympics?

Australia has never won the Ice Hockey Olympics.

What championship does the sport hockey win?

NHL Championship- The Stanley Cup

Did US win the 2008 Olympics?

Did the USA women's hockey team win the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

What year did the US beat the Soviets and win gold in ice hockey and where?

If you are talking about in the Olympics, 1980 in Lake Placid

Which events did Canada win at the 2006 Olympics?

Hockey and Curling.

Who is the only player to win a Stanley cup and a memorial cup and an olympic gold medal and a world junior hockey championship and a world hockey championship?

Scott Niedermeyer.

Did the Canadian women's hockey team win at the 2018 Olympics?

Canada women's national ice hockey team won the silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

When did India last win a gold medal in hockey at the Olympics?


Which sport did Canada win a gold medal in at the 1924 Olympics?


What team did the women's USA hockey team defeat to win their first ever Olympic gold medal?

The women's hockey team defeated their arch rival Canada in the 1998 winter Olympics to win the gold medal. The victory of the women's hockey team in the Olympics had a positive impact on the growth of women's hockey throughout the United States.

Did Canada win the gold medal in men's hockey 2010 Olympics?


Did the womens black sticks hockey team win gold?

no they did not win gold they have never won gold at the Olympics

Who won gold in mens hockey in the 1988 Olympics?

Great Britain did NOT win the Gold Medal in Ice Hockey in 1988 the Soviet Union did.Great Britain won the Gold Medal in Ice Hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics.

How many Medals did Sidney Crosby win at the Olympics?

Sidney Crosby won a gold medal in men's hockey in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is on the team in the 2014 Olympics.

Can the Lakers win a championship this year?

yes i think the lakers can win the championship! THE LAKERS ARE AWESOME!

What year did the Detroit Lions win the Division Championship?

In 1991 the beat the Dallas Cowboys to win the Division Championship.

What team did the US hockey team beat to win the gold in the 1980 Olympics?

Soviet Union

Who is winner of the olympic 2010 Olympics hockey game Canada vs US?

Canada will win

Who won the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2012?

The winner of the World Junior Hockey Championship of 2012 was Sweden defeating Russia 1-0 in overtime. This was their first win in 31 years. The tournament was hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Which year did Barcelona win the Olympics?

Barcelona won the Olympics in 1992.

When was hockey included in the Olympics?

The first time Ice Hockey was included in the Olympics was in 1920 at the summer games in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1924, at the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France, Ice Hockey became an official, permanent sport in the Winter Olympics. At both games Canada won the gold medal. They went on to win 6 out of the 7 first ice hockey medals in the Olympics. Women's Ice Hockey was later introduced in 1998 in Nagano, Japan where the United States women's hockey team won the gold medal.

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