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2008 - they lost 6-5 on penalties to Man Utd after a 1-1 draw.

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Q: What year did Chelsea reach the final of the champions league final?
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What team did Manchester beat to reach the 2010 2011 champions league final?


Have Chelsea ever won the UEFA Champions League?

In 2012 Chelsea FC won the Champions League final, beating Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties (1-1 after extra-time) having knocked out Napoli, Benfica and Barcelona to reach the final. This was their second final since 2008 when they lost 6-5 on penalties to Manchester United.

What team did Barcelona beat to reach the 2010-2011 champions league final?

Real Madrid.

Which season did arsenal reach the final of the Champions League?

It was 2006 , they lost to Barcelona 2-1.

Who was the last London team to reach champions league final?

Arsenal did but no London club has reached it.

Who was refferee for champions league quarter final in Barcelona when Barcelona played in the 1988?

Barcelona didn't reach the quarter final in 1988.

Which player has won the world cup the premiership fa cup carling cup and champions league?

No one! Claude Makelele is closest, winning the Champions League with Real Madrid and the 3 English trophies with Chelsea, however he wasn't part of the France squad in 1998 but did reach the World Cup final in 2006.

How many games in the Coca Cola Champions League?

There is no such thing as the 'Coca-cola' champions leaqgue, it is sponsored by Heineken. But one team will play 12 games if they win the final or reach the final.

How many times has arsenal football club won the uefa champions league?

Arsenal have not won the champion league as yet but they reach the teams for the cgampion league each year.They did reach one final and lost to Barcelona.

Was Arsenal the first London club to reach the Champions League Final?

yes, no London club has been in any of the European cup finals at all

How do you get into champions league level on galacticos football?

by joining league, getting desired rankings and continue till u reach champions's a long way...:)

How many times have Man U reach champions league final?

Manchester United have reached 4 Champions League Finals. They won the tournament in 1998-1999 and 2007-2008. They lost the finals in 2008-2009 and 2010-2011. They also reached a final, and won it, when the tournament was still the European Cup. This was in the season 1967-1968.

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