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Brigham Young's football team was led by quarterback Robert Bosco in their National Championship year of 1984.

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Q: What year did Brigham Young University's football team become National Champions?
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Who won the 1984 national championship in college football?

Brigham Young University

What has the author Dick Harmon written?

Dick Harmon has written: 'Wild blue yonder' -- subject(s): Brigham Young Cougars (Football team), Brigham Young University, Football, History

What was Bryan Gray famous for?

Bryan Gray is famous for being employed for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League (NFL). He was also active in college playing for Brigham Young in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Who are the division 1 football independents?

For the 2012 season ... Army, Navy, Notre Dame, and Brigham Young.

Why is Brigham Young University famous?

Brigham Young University is the largest religious university in America. They have a national cable TV channel (BYUtv) and have had very successful sports teams.

What is brigham youngs birth name?

Brigham Young's full name was Brigham Young.

What is the birth name of Brian Brigham?

Brian Brigham's birth name is Brian Kristopher Brigham.

What team's fans are mainly represented on the Cougarboard website?

Brigham Young University's fans are mainly represented on the website. The Brigham Young University Cougars are a football team although the same university also has their own college athletics team.

Is there any video on brigham young?

Yes. There was a movie made about Brigham Young (Titled: Brigham Young).

Where is the Brigham City Library in Brigham City located?

The address of the Brigham City Library is: 26 East Forest Street, Brigham City, 84302 2198

Where is the Brigham City Museum in Brigham City Utah located?

The address of the Brigham City Museum is: 24 N 300 W, Brigham City, UT 84302

What was Brigham Young's middle name?

Brigham Young's full name was Brigham Young. He didn't have a middle name.

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