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Q: What year did Berwick Rangers beat Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish Cup?
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What year did greenock Morton beat Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish Cup?

Greenock Morton beat Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish Cup in April 1922. They won 1-0 scoring direct from a free kick in the 11th minute.

Who won Scottish cup in 2009?

Glasgow Rangers beat Queen of the South to win the Scottish Cup in 2009.

What year and date did Celtic beat Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Cup?

Celtic and Berwick Rangers met in the Scottish Cup for the first and only time to date on August 9, 1997. Leading 0 - 5 at half time, Celtic put seven goals in total past Berwick, courtesy of Darren Jackson, Henrik Larsson, Regi Blinker, Morten Wieghorst, Andy Thom, and two goals from Simon Donnelly.

How many times have Liverpool beat Glasgow rangers?


What is a Glasgow boy?

The sexiest boys and men in the world you can't beat a Scottish boy :D!

How many times have Glasgow rangers beat Manchester United?

1 time in 1910 when ya mam was born

Who won the Scottish cup in 1953?

Rangers beat Aberdeen 1-0 in a replay after a 1-1 draw.

Has rangers fc beat a team managed by Jose mourinho?

Yes. Glasgow Ranger Beat Jose Mourinho Chelsea in a friendly at Ibrox by 2 goals to 0 on the 29th july 2007.

What year was Jimmy Somerville born?

Jimmy Somerville is a Scottish pop singer who sang with Bronski Beat and The Communards in the 1980's. He was born on 22nd June 1961 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who was the first Scottish team to beat Celtic in a Scottish cup replay?

clyde were the first team to beat celtic in a scottish cup replay the 1955 final

Will swindon rangers beat highworth?


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