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clyde were the first team to beat celtic in a scottish cup replay the 1955 final

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Q: Who was the first Scottish team to beat Celtic in a Scottish cup replay?
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Who scored the goal for Dundee FC when they beat Celtic in the 1973 Scottish League Cup Final?

Gordon Wallace

What is the biggest crowd at a Scottish cup final?

The record cup final attendance was in 1937 when 147,365 spectators, a world record for a club match at that time, saw Celtic beat Aberdeen 2-1. The largest attendance for a final and replay was in 1948 when 129,176 watched the first match between Rangers and Morton and 131,975 the replay on the Wednesday. Rangers won by a solitary goal.

Who won the Scottish cup in 1953?

Rangers beat Aberdeen 1-0 in a replay after a 1-1 draw.

What year and date did Celtic beat Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Cup?

Celtic and Berwick Rangers met in the Scottish Cup for the first and only time to date on August 9, 1997. Leading 0 - 5 at half time, Celtic put seven goals in total past Berwick, courtesy of Darren Jackson, Henrik Larsson, Regi Blinker, Morten Wieghorst, Andy Thom, and two goals from Simon Donnelly.

Will Celtic beat motherwell?

YES !! Go Celtic

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How many times has Liverpool beat Celtic?

Celtic and Liverpool have played each other officially six times Celtic have beaten Liverpool twice, and lost once, there have also been three tied games so the answer to your question is ONCE

Did Celtic FC beat Barcelona in 2006?


Would Celtic beat Portsmouth?

never in 100000 years Celtic 0 - 5000 Portsmouth

Is there more violence when Celtic beat rangers than when rangers beat Celtic?

I wouldn't say so, its probably about equal. All the jail cells are full on the night after they play.

Who were the winners of the SFA Cup in 1894?

Rangers beat Celtic.

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