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They just won a national title this year.

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Q: What year did Alabama win a national title in cheerleading?
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What year did Sela Ward go to University of Alabama?

She was on the Alabama cheerleading squad in 1976.

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In what year did cheeerleading officially become a sport according to the National Federation of Cheerleading?

Cheerleading has not officially become a sport yet. But we are trying to get it to the Olympics so it becomes knowen as a sport this competion started this year called ICU where olympic officials came and saw what cheerleading was all about.

Who has the most BCS national championships?

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Is there a Filipino cheerleader?

There are many cheerleaders in the Philippines. We even have a national cheerleading competition each year (NCC Philippines).

Who has really beaten Alabama twice in one year in football?

LSU, once a few weeks ago in the regular season and once a few weeks from now in the national title game.

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What year did Oklahoma State when their last national title in football?

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have never won a national title in football.

What year was cheerleading discovered?

It was 1898!!! There is more info on cheerleading such as who invented at

Who did Alabama play in the 1925 National Championship?

Nobody. Dartmouth won the National Championship that year. Alabama claimed a share of it years later, using a retroactive system.

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