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The ball is teed-up at the 40-yard line of the kicking team.

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40 yard line

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Q: What yard line does middle school kick from?
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What yard line does high school kick from?

40 yard line

From what yard line does a team kick off from?

The 20 yard line

If there is a fair catch what yard line does the ball go to?

Where the kick returner is standing.

What yard line is in the middle of a football field?

The 50 yard line.

Where is the ball spotted if the kick is blocked and falls beyond the line of scrimmage?

Assuming the ball is not returned and rolls dead in the field of play, it depends: High school: The ball is spotted where it rolls dead. College: The ball is spotted at the previous line of scrimmage or at the 20-yard line. NFL: The ball is spotted at the spot of the kick or at the 20-yard line.

What actors and actresses appeared in From the 50 Yard Line - 2007?

The cast of From the 50 Yard Line - 2007 includes: Fran Kick as himself

Why are college kickers able to kick the football out of the endzone while pro kickers have trouble kicking to the 10 yard line?

AnswerYes there is the five yard difference, but the NFL ball also weighs more.AnswerThe guy who left this answer before I completely reconstructed it was an idiot. There is a 5 yard difference between pro and college, and the ball weighs more. But, most college kickers kick it to the middle of the endzone. Most pro kickers kick it to the goal line consistently. I have no idea where you're gtting this 10 yard line stuff from. So it really evens out.

Why is there an x at the 35 yard line?

That's where the kicker places the ball for kick offs.

When did the nfl kick off from the 40 yard line?

1955 through 1887

What yard line does NCAA football kick off from?

"40 yd line." Wrong - it is the 30 yard line now. HS still uses the 40 but college went to the 30 in 2007.

Where do college football kick off from?

The kickoff is from the kicking team's 30 yard line making the kickoff travel 70 yards to reach the end zone.

When can't a goalkeeper take kick out from his hands?

A goal keeper can not do it when he is out side of the 18 yard line mark.