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"40 yd line."

Wrong - it is the 30 yard line now. HS still uses the 40 but college went to the 30 in 2007.

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The kicking team's 40 yard line.

Kickoffs were moved from the 40 to the 35 in 1974 and to the 30 in 1994.

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the 30 yard line

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Q: What yard line does NCAA football kick off from?
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What is the length of the coaches box on ncaa football field?

Fifty yards. It extends from 25-yard line to 25-yard line. (NCAA Rules and Interpretations: Rule 1.2.4a)

What yard line does high school kick from?

40 yard line

From what yard line does a team kick off from?

The 20 yard line

Where can you spot the ball on a two point convertion?

In US professional football (NFL) , the ball is spotted at the 2-yard line, the same location as the line of scrimmage for a kicked extra point (which actually travels 15 yards, from near the 5 yard line to the goalposts). The NCAA (college football) places it at the 3-yard line. Canadian football places the ball at the 5-yard line.

What yard line is in the middle of a football field?

The 50 yard line.

If there is a fair catch what yard line does the ball go to?

Where the kick returner is standing.

What yard line does middle school kick from?

The ball is teed-up at the 40-yard line of the kicking team.

Where do college football kick off from?

The kickoff is from the kicking team's 30 yard line making the kickoff travel 70 yards to reach the end zone.

Distance for point after touchdown from the goal line in football?

The ball is placed at the 2 yard line in the NFL and the 3 yard line in college football.

What yard line is a football placed after a touchdown?

It depends on the league and level of football, but in the NFL, the football is normally placed on the 2 yard line for both a point-after kick or a 2-point conversion attempt. In high school, it's placed on the 3 yard line. CFL rules put it on the 5 yard line.

How do you do touchdown celebrations on ncaa football 2010?

If you are beyond the 20 yard line and no defenders are near you, hold down B (spin button) to do a running celebration before you score.

How many points is a kick off in Football worth?

if it is a kick off then none but if it is a kick after a goal then 1 the kick off in football is only worth 1 point 2 The kickoff is designed to place the ball in play after a team scores points. The kickoff is worth no points.