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Olive-leaf wreath

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Q: What would winners of the Olympic Games receive as a prize?
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What prize did winners receive in the Ancient Olympic Games?

A head wreath.

What were given to the Olympics games winners?

The original Olympic prize was a laurel wreath.

What do olympic winners receive for a prize?

The prize that the winner received was a crown of olive branches and leaves as well as the respect of being a hero

What prizes did the winners of the ancient olympic games receive?

The prize was the crown of olive leaves cut from the sacred tree at Olympia. There were no medals. Only the winner's name was recorded.

What do the winners of the archibald prize get?

The winners used to get $35 000 but now receive $50 000 in prize money

Do the medal winners in Olympics receive cash prizes?

no the medalist do not receive cash prize

What was the wrestling prize in ancient Greece in the Olympic games?

The prize of the ancient olympic games was a crown made of olive tree branches and food for life.

What do the winners receive if they win?

award, grant, honor or prize watever u call as .

What was the prize for second place in the Ancient Olympic games?

A silver medal and prize money.

What was the prize for the winners of the ancient Greek Olympics?

An olive branch made into a wreath. Olympic winners were treated like heroes in their native city-states.

What was the prize for the winner at the first Olympic games?

It was an Olive wreath.

What is the amount paid to the English FA cup 2009 winners?

The winners of the final receive £2,000,000. They also receive prize money for each round that they win leading up to the final.

What prize do modern Olympic athletes receive?

the recieve medals bronze silver and gold

When was Prize Winners created?

Prize Winners was created on 1916-11-30.

What is the prize money of Oscar?

There is no prize money involved with the Academy Awards other than the financial benefits that movies and winners often receive after their successes.

What is the prize for the third place at the olympic and the commonwealth games?

bronze metal

What did the winners receive as an reward in the ancient Games?

a crown of laurel leaves and a prize, normlly a medal or money or something famous (an old weapon said to belong to Herakles etc)

Do the pros that are winners in an Olympic event get cash prize?

In Canada there is cash prizes for winning medals. It does not matter if you are professional or amateur.

Do the US winners of Olympic events get a cash prize?

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards gold-medalists $25,000, silver-medalists $15,000 and bronze-medalists $10,000.

Where does the phrase don't rest on your laurels come from?

In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath. In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath.

What do you get for winning a noble peace prize?

You receive lots of money. Like millions. It's $1.5 million and most winners donate the prize monies to charity.

Nobel prize winners in 1900s?

Some Nobel Prize winners for the 1900s included Mother Theresa and Betty Williams. A complete list of the prize winners for all years can be found on the Nobel Prize website.

How much Prize Money Wimbledon players win?

The total prize money pot for 2010 was £ 13,725,000. The Men's and Women's singles winners both received an amount of £ 1,000,000 each. For 2011 total prize money is £ 14,600,000 and singles winners will receive £ 1,100,000 each.

Why did Mao Tse- Tung receive the Nobel Prize award?

I am not aware of him winning such an award, nor have I seen him on the list of winners.

What is the Prize for wining English fa cup?

The winning team of the FA Cup receives £2 Million from the FA Cup Prize Fund. They also receive the FA Cup and receive a copy of the FA Cup when it is time to return the real one for the next competition. The manager and players receive a Cup Winners Medal, providing they have played a minimum amount of games that season. The Runners-up receive £1 Million from the FA Cup Prize Fund. The players and manager receive a runners up medal, providing they have played a minimum amount of games that season.