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bronze metal

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Q: What is the prize for the third place at the olympic and the commonwealth games?
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Related questions

What is the prize for third place at the olypmic and commonwealth games?

A bronze medal.

What was the prize for second place in the Ancient Olympic games?

A silver medal and prize money.

What was the wrestling prize in ancient Greece in the Olympic games?

The prize of the ancient olympic games was a crown made of olive tree branches and food for life.

Do the winners of an Commonwealth games event get a cash prize along with a medal?

No, the only prizes awarded for the Commonwealth games are medals however having a medal from the commonwealth games could increase a sportsmans potential earning power

Where does the phrase don't rest on your laurels come from?

In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath. In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath.

What was the prize for the winner at the first Olympic games?

It was an Olive wreath.

Do commonwealth games athletes get paid?

Commonwealth games athletes do not receive any prize money, they only receive medals, however their potential earning power can be increased by being successful in the games

What is the prize for second place at the olympic game?

A sliver medal.

When was Commonwealth Book Prize created?

Commonwealth Book Prize was created in 2012.

When was Commonwealth Writers' Prize created?

Commonwealth Writers' Prize was created in 1987.

When did Commonwealth Writers' Prize end?

Commonwealth Writers' Prize ended in 2011.

What prize did winners receive in the Ancient Olympic Games?

A head wreath.

What would winners of the Olympic Games receive as a prize?

Olive-leaf wreath

What were given to the Olympics games winners?

The original Olympic prize was a laurel wreath.

When was Commonwealth Short Story Prize created?

Commonwealth Short Story Prize was created in 2012.

He prize for winning an event in the Olympic Games was?

A gold medal (no money will ever be awarded).

In the modern olympic games what are the prizes?

in ancient greece, the prize was a wreath that goes around the head and a trophy, but if you mean now, the prize is a medal

Who won the 1st prize in the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

England, with 58 gold, 59 silver and 57 bronze (total 174)

Do American olympic gold medalists win a money prize?

Yes, they get prize money from the USOC (US Olympic Committee)

Is chocolates an Olympic prize?


Where in the bible is there reference to the Olympic Games?

Some biblical scholars believe that the apostle Paul was referring to the Olympic Games in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 when he said, "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?"

What was the prize given to athletes from the seventh ancient olympic games onwards?

a crown of olive leaves cut from the sacred tree of Olympia

Did ancient Olympic losers get a prize?


What is the third prize at the Olympics and commonwealth?


Who won commonwealth poetry prize in 2010?

Jo Shapcott