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An unusual sports product would be considered as an unusual sports product would be cricket.

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Q: What would be considered an unusual sports product?
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Honda Preludes are considered sports coupes. Sports cars are typefied as being 2-seaters.

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A clear idea of an unusual gift would be a nest egg necklace or a stone drink dispenser. These items would be considered as great gifts but unusual also.

Does Prozac mess with your menstrual cycle?

No. This would be considered highly unusual.

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It would be considered cheating, i guess

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A service

Is a mustang a sports car?

It depends on what year it was made. From 1964-1980 they would have been considered as 'muscle cars' but from then on they would have been known as sports cars.

What are considered youth sports?

I would consider it to be around ages 8-15.

What kind of chemical reaction would the production of water be considered?


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Hydrogen and oxygen are the reactants and water is the product.

What sports are considered lifetime sports?

Lifetime sports are those which are enjoyed by the young and the old. Sports which can be enjoyed at various intensity levels: golf and tennis are excellent examples. Soccer would not be considered a lifetime sport because it involves so much running. American football would not be considered a lifetime sport because it involves both running and tackling. The "soft" martial arts such as Tai Chi and KungFu are considered lifetime sports while the "hard" martial arts such as taekwondo, judo and karate are not because they involve strikes and grappling.

What are some sports like soccer that are fun?

Any that appeal to your interests would be considered fun. Think about the sports available to you in your community and go for it!

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Generally an alley is a public right of way, and it would be unusual for that to be trespass.

What would most likely be the target audience for a product advertised in the sports section of the newspaper?

males between the ages of 17 and 60

What Chinese sports is called the gentle sports?

Any sport would be considered a gentle sport for any chinese imigrant, due to the fact of small testicles

What are some examples of lifestyle sports?

There are many sports which can be considered lifestyle sports. Some include weightlifting, running, biking and walking. Yoga or other exercise classes would fit this classification as well.

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If you mean byproducts, they are other things that are produced while producing a main product. At a dairy, milk would be considered a main product while sour cream, cottage cheese, and onion dip would be considered byproducts. At a sawmill, sawdust and mulch would be considered byproducts, since lumber is the main product. If you mean "other products" as listed on a chart, it depends on the chart. If the chart lists minerals or metals, then it would include miscellaneous or unknown minerals and metals that are not on the list.

Would bamboo blinds be considered a green product?

Yes, blinds made from bamboo are considered "green:, they are a renewable resource that is great for the environment.

Is whey kosher?

Whey is a dairy product, made from milk and can be kosher. As this is a processed food product, it would require kosher certification to be considered kosher.

Can 'Holy' be a person's name?

Legally yes, but it would be VERY unusual. For a lot a people, naming a person Holy could be considered a sacrilege.

What type of products do the Sports Experts offer to consumers?

Many sports experts promote Vitamins, suppliments, and protein shakes. Depending on their sponsors, or a specific product that they have produced, that's what they would promote.

Would most likely be the target audience for a product advertised in the sports section of the newspaper?

males between the ages of 17 and 60