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Any that appeal to your interests would be considered fun. Think about the sports available to you in your community and go for it!

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Q: What are some sports like soccer that are fun?
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What do people in Paraguay do for fun?

they play sports like soccer or volleyball

What do people do for fun in Paraguay?

they play sports like soccer or volleyball

What are fun sports to play?

Soccer and basketball are super fun sports to play.

Name sports that are fun to play but boring to watch?

golf and mabey some soccer

What do the children of Guatemala like do do for fun?

Many of the children of Guatemala like to go fishing for fun. These children might also choose to play sports like soccer.

What are some fun easy ways to exercise?

Playing sports, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, for an example there are hundreds of thousands of fun ways to work out like maybe playing games

What is the most fun thing to do in the world?

Some fun things to do are maybe: surfing,swimming,sports such as soccer/basketball/baseball.

How do you eat fun?

How to eat fun is impossible but you can have fun by being active and playing sports like softball, Basketball, soccer, football, and even ballet. That is how to eat fun E out

What do children do for fun in Chile?

They play lots of sports such as soccer

Which sport is said to be the most fun?

soccer! Soccer is very aggressive and really people of all shapes and sizes can play it. But basketball and football are very fun sports but my final answer is soccer. :)

What sports interest girls and why?

alot of girls like soccer and volleyball... soccer because its aggressive and volleyball because we like to wear spandex:) and because its so much fun because we get to dive around and hit it at other girls really hard...and volleyball is the sport i like The sports that interest me are football and basketball. They interest me because there is a lot of action in them. I also play them, they are a lot of fun.

What the best sport for girls to do?

Girls can play most sports. Girls can play any sports they want, just depending on what you like. I personally like soccer and cheerleading. Basketball, track, and softball are fun also.

What do children in Honduras do for fun?

Boys like to fly kites, and play sports especially futball (soccer). Girls like to play hopscotch, and dance. Boys and girls all love to play marbles and some other games.

Which are some fun games to play for children in the US?

Some fun games to play in the United States for children are Uno, Scrabble, basketball, soccer and other sports. There are various types of games to choose from also.

Why you like sport?

I enjoy sports because they are very entertaining to watch. Some sports are also fun to play.

How many different sports are played in Africa?

they play many sports their but it is just for fun! the biggest sport their is probaly soccer.

What is it like today the sports?

Today the sports are fun and keep you fit and healthy. Today sports are: Soccer, Football, Netball, Tennis, Nippers, Swimming, Cricket, Surfing, Horse Riding, Rugby, Softball and many, many others!

What are some fun things Brazil likes to do?

brazilans like to play sports and do other fun festivals like happy day thing

Do Many people play soccer for fun?

Yes, soccer is commonly accepted as one of the most popular sports in the entire world.

What sports have players kicking the ball?

soccer and basketball-kickball its really fun try it

What are some facts about sports?

Sports is Fun

Why shoul kids play sports?

sports are fun and they keep you healthy. well, some sports are fun anyway.

What do romanians do for fun?

Romanians from urban areas are very much like all European youngsters, except they don't binge drink that often (not that they're teetotallers... far from it).Furthermore, everyone's different. Some people visit museums for fun, some go to clubs, and some both. Some Romanians play sports like soccer.

What do chileans like to do for fun?

The cueca is a popular Chilean folk dance. Favorite sports in Chile include football (soccer), skiing, chueca, rodeo, and surfing.

What are some good thesis statements on soccer?

My opinion on soccer is that is a really fun sport and a good way to have fun.