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Stop smacking me!

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I hate wiki users
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Don’t hog me

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Yeh that’s better
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Q: What would a basketball say to a basketball player?
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What is the average age for a basketball player?

I would say about 25-30

Who is physically fit a basketball player or a softball player?

a basketball player because in my opinion they definitely move around much more than a softball player. i know this because i am a basketball and softball player and i would say that you move more and quicker than you would in softball

Who is the most determined basketball player?

In history.. I would say Michael Jordan or Larry Bird

What is the average height of a 12-year-old basketball player?

Basketball players should be taller, so I would say about 63 inches.

What would the basketball say to the basketball player?

Don't dribble on me?

Is a basketball player?

Is a basketball player.... what? What do you want to say? Just don't do this again okay? Thanks -annoymous

What are fouls in a basketball game?

Fouls are what a playe picks up in basketball when harming another player. Say player A tried to block the shot of player B, but hit his hand instead. That would be a foul.

Who gets paid more the basketball player or the coach?

I would say the player. Since he gets paid for every game and the coach.....i dunno. Im not rlly into basketball but that's my guess.

Who is the greatest girl basketball player?

Women's basketball has not been around very long but I would say that Kelly Olynyk definetly wins the title of the greatest.

Which female basketball player is the first basketball player ever to play on five olympic teams?

I say Lisa Leslie.

What basketball player's nickname was the ''say hey kid''?

"Say hey Kid" was Willie Mays and it wasn't basketball it was baseball.

What was the average salary for a professional basketball player in 1960?

around 40 or 30 thousand i would say grant

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