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On 13th April 2009- 20th.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-14 01:07:59
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Q: What world golf ranking is Mike Weir?
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Who won the Lou Marsh Trophy in 2003?

Mike Weir - Golf

What is the world best ranking at golf?

number 1

What golf course did Mike Weir win The Masters tournament in 2003?

Augusta National, the only place The Masters is held.

How far can Mike Weir drive a golf ball?

PGA Tour 2009 average driving distance - 282.2 Yards.

What year did Mike Weir win The Masters?

Mike Weir is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour from Canada. He defeated Len Mattiace on the first hole of a playoff to win the 2003 Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club.

First Canadian to win the Masters?

The first, and only, Canadian to win the Masters was southpaw Mike Weir in 2003. Interestingly, Mike is right handed, he just plays golf left handed

Where do you find the world golf rankings?

The rankings are on the Official World Golf Ranking web site. See the attached link for the web address.

How do you cheat on miniclip players?

You don't. But I will tell you that if you get 0 or below on sky golf, there is a world ranking glitch and your world ranking score will go up.

Where can I find the world golf rankings online?

One can find the world golf rankings online through the site "Official World Golf Ranking". Here, they track the rankings of the World Golf with precision. The site is last updated this week on the 7th of July.

How many golf world ranking points are awarded for winning the memorial? 500 points

How many tournaments has Mike Weir won in his career?

As of September 24, 2008 Mike Weir has won 14 professional golf tournaments. He has won 8 PGA events (including the 2003 Masters), 3 events on the Canadian Tour (including the Canadian Masters in 1997), the Champions Challenge twice, and the TELUS Skins Game.

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