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Ian Woosnam won the Masters on the 14th April 1991.

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Mike Weir is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour from Canada. He defeated Len Mattiace on the first hole of a playoff to win the 2003 Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club.

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Q: What year did Mike Weir win The Masters?
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Fist Canadian to win golfs masters?

Mike Weir 2003.

How much did mike weir win for masters?

1.2 million. U SURE

Who was the last player in the Masters to have at least a share of the lead after the first 3 rounds of the Masters and not win?

mike weir

What golf course did Mike Weir win The Masters tournament in 2003?

Augusta National, the only place The Masters is held.

First Canadian to win the Masters?

The first, and only, Canadian to win the Masters was southpaw Mike Weir in 2003. Interestingly, Mike is right handed, he just plays golf left handed

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