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The table base is very often made of oak because the strength is needed for support. Other woods such as mahogany are often used for the table surfaces and worked areas. Pool cue shafts are most often made of maple. The pool cue butt may be made from nearly any wood in the world, ranging from ebony and cocobolo to rosewood and maple.

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Q: What wood is used in pocket billiards?
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Billiard balls can refer to the balls used for English billiards, pocket billiards, or snooker.

What is another name for billiards?

There are generally two terms used for billiards - English billiards or pocket billiards. Pocket billiards is also called pool. Billiards is a popular bar game that has a number of different names that it has been called over the years but the most notable and popular is simply that of pool.

How does mat relate to billiards?

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There is no "game billiards carom" but the question is presumed to refer to English Billiards, or 3 Pocket.

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