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There is no chance of Houston winning their division, because the Colts are currently 13-0, and have clinched the division. Houston still has a slim chance to make the playoffs as a wild-card team.

The first thing they almost certainly would have to do is win the rest of their games. After beating Seattle today (12/13/09), they're now 6-7 with 3 games remaining. If they win out, they'd be 9-7.

Denver (8-5) and Jacksonville (7-6) are both currently in the wild-card spots, and Baltimore, Miami and New York are all currently 7-6 after their 12/13/09 wins. So besides winning out, Houston would need Jacksonville and New York to finish no better than 8-8, since both have already beaten Houston this season, and would probably need Miami and Baltimore to also finish no better than 8-8.

Realistically, the Texans' chances are slim. All they can do is win out, and then hope the teams ahead of them lose.

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Q: What will it take for the Houston Texans to make the playoffs this season?
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Have the Houston Texans already went to the playoffs?

No. The Texans have yet to make the American Football Conference playoffs.

How can the Houston Texans can make the playoffs?

The first thing they have to do is beat New Englnad in the final game of the regular season. Then, two of the three teams...Jets, Broncos and Ravens...have to lose or tie their last game for the Texans to make the playoffs.

What are the only 2 sports franchises to never make the playoffs?

The Houston Texans and the Charlotte Bobcats.

When will the Houston Texans go to the Super Bowl?

Who knows? All I know is that it won't be this season (2009-2010), because they didn't make it to the playoffs! They've never made it to the playoffs before, and this is their first winning season (9-7-0)!

Is there an NFL team that has never made the playoffs?

yes - the Houston Texans - only 7 years old but getting stronger finishing 8-8 this yearAll NFL teams have made it to the playoffs.However The last team to make it was the Houston Texans in the 2011-2012 season.

What was the houston Texan record for 2010?

The Texans record in 2010 left them with 6 wins and 10 losses. They failed to make the playoffs that season. Sports Media 101

What NFL teams have not been to playoffs?

The Houston Texans are the only NFL team never to make the playoffs. However, they are the youngest franchise, playing only since 2002. They also posted their first winning season in 2009, with a 9-7 record.

What had to happen for the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the playoffs in the last week of the 2009 season?

There were two scenarios for the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the playoffs. The first was a Steelers win and Houston Texans loss, coupled with either a Ravens or Jets loss. The second would have been a Steelers win and losses by the Jets, Ravens and Broncos. The Steelers won, but so did the Ravens, Texans and Jets.

Will Houston Texans make it to the super bowl?

given that the quarterback and its backup are out for season, I don't think so

Why did the Mets make the playoffs in 2004 instead of the Phillies who had the better record?

The Mets did not make the playoffs in the 2004 season. The Atlanta Braves made the playoffs from the National League East Division and the Houston Astros made the playoffs as the wild card.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make it to the playoffs in 2013?

No. For the 2012 season, where the playoffs began in 2013, the Steelers failed to make it. They also did not make the playoffs for the 2013 season.

Are the 49ers in the playoffs?

The 49ers did not make the 2009 season playoffs.

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