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The Mets did not make the playoffs in the 2004 season. The Atlanta Braves made the playoffs from the National League East Division and the Houston Astros made the playoffs as the wild card.

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Q: Why did the Mets make the playoffs in 2004 instead of the Phillies who had the better record?
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The Phillies regular season record in 2007 was 89-73. They made the playoffs and lost in the NLDS to the Colorado Rockies 3 games to 0.

What was the best record of the Cleveland Browns?

they went into the playoffs in 1948 with a record of 14-0 and won the playoffs with a record of 15-0

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Were the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs in 2011?

Sadly no, the Atlanta Braves had a decent season with an 89-73 record, they fell short of a division title and playoff birth as it was won by the Philadelphia Phillies with a record of 102-60.

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The Stellers are knocked out of the playoffs 2012

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Can an NFL team win all their division games and still not make the playoffs?

A team could miss the playoffs after winning all their divisional games. Playoffs are decided by record first. If two teams have the same record the tie- breaker is based off their divisional record. After that it goes to conference record and then points allowed.

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In 2010, the Philadelphia Phillies had a 97-65record.

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The Phillies were 102-60 in 2011, a franchise record.

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