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Q: What wheels are used for roller derby skates?
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Where can you get nice looking roller skates with four wheels?

You can try a roller skatinng rink in you're area. Sometimes they have nice skates for sale. Sometimes they are used. I hope this answer helps!

Where can one use roller skates?

Roller skates can be used in many places. Outdoors, roller skates can be used on side walks, walking paths and at skate parks. Indoors, roller skates can be used at roller rinks or other venues with flat floor surfaces.

How has the roller skates changed over the years?

advancement in roller skates has changed dramatically. when roller skates were invented, they were something like this: a wooden plate resting on two sticks attached with wheels. as scince and technology changed, roller skates also strted to develope. around 1980's the new model of roller skates came out. this time it was much stable and quicker than the previous ones. those skates used ball bearings fitted in the wheels. the top was made of metal. these days they are more advanced. they still use ball bearings, metal top but added with a fluid, which allows to gain a quick and fast speed.

Who invented the skateboard wheel?

Don't know if there's a special inventor for that. First they used wheels off roller skates, then eventually someone started making wheels that were almost roller skate wheels, but just a little adapted to do better on a skateboard.

Can Roller Derby Men's Hybrid G700 Inline Skates be used indoors and outdoors?

I am pretty sure because of the name hybrid. I think, have fun!!!!!

What is used to reduce friction in roller skates?


How are in-line skates roller skates and ice skates alike?

I used to play roller-hockey. I was always told that if you could skate in in-line skates you could ice skate. The balance and weight distribution is the same.

How many kinds of roller skates are there?

Generally, there are two main kinds of roller skates: in-lines and quads. In-lines are made for speed, and quads are made for performing tricks. There are several classifications of skates: One kind of skates are 'aggressive' skates. These have hard boots and small wheels. These are used for dangerous stunts such as hand rail slides or stair jumps. Generally, only extremely advanced skaters use these skates. On the other hand, 'recreational skates' are generally used for beginners. They are built for comfort and durability. These are often confused with 'fitness' skates, which are reserved for those who Rollerblade often. There is another group of skates, called 'speed' skates. Their design varies, but they are generally used for sports.

What simple machine is used in bicycles roller skates and skate boards used in?

A BIG dildo

How is roller skates useful?

They are normally used for entertainment or to stay fit.

What restaurant in Washington DC used to have waiters on roller skates?

La Nicoise

What sport gear starts with the letter i?

Inline skates are used in roller hockey.

Is iron used in roller coasters?

Yes, in the tracks and the wheels the roller coaster cart rests on.

What is the difference between rollerblades and rollerskates what years were these words used?

Roller skate have 2 wheels side by side in front and back. Roller blades have all wheels in 1 row.

Why did Joseph Merlin invent roller skates?

It is believed that Merlin wore his skates as part of the publicity stunts he often used to promote his inventions and his museum. Stopping and maneuvering were a problem that Merlin couldn't resolve with skating skill or inventions, so he exhibited and demonstrated his roller skates but did not patent them. For the next century other skate designs would continue to follow this inline wheel alignment

What are roller skates what kind of simple machine in used in them?

See the image above. They use the wheel and axle.

Are roller skates example of mechanical energy?

The skates don't produce energy, they enable the mechanical energy produced by your leg muscles to be used to produce fast motion, ie faster than you could run without them (probably!)

When were the roller blades invented?

There were different types of roller blades invented that are considered the predecessors of those used today. However, it is believed that the first pair was made in 1735 in Belgium by John Joseph Merlin, and they were inline skates.

In what sport are cameras most widely used?

Cameras are used in a lot of sports in order to catch the view from a players perspective. They are most widely used in roller derby, downhill skiing and motocross.

What kind of wheel is sprockets?

Sprockets are a kind of wheels that have teeth to keep a chain in place an moving from the action made by another sprocket. Sprocket wheels are used for bikes and on roller chains.

What is the weight of the new pinewood derby wheels?

The new wheels used today in the BSA kits were first created in 2009 and have a weight of 2.7 grams per wheel. The older wheels before 2009 had a weight of 3.6 grams per wheel.

Are used roller skates better than new ones?

Hi, Good question, I have been roller skating for 40 years, so I think I can answer this question quite honestly. Used could be better for they will be broken in for you, so will prevent sore feet. BUT are they broken in to fit your foot, that is something to consider. Anna

Who is Dustin Latimer?

Dustin latimer was a por inline street skater..who was co-owner of the mindgame skating company..he used to be on the pro team for usd skates He also owned mindgame wheels, xjasdo skates, retired from skating now

What products use vehicular lighting?

Vehicular lighting is now standard equipment on aircraft, automobiles, boats, bikes, motorcycles, and locomotives, and it is even used on roller skates and baby buggies

How to Buy the Perfect Roller Blades?

Roller blading is an incredibly popular recreational activity, and as such there are numerous types of roller blades on the market. The type of roller blades you should buy depends on your goals and where you plan to use them. Read on for information on the most common types of roller blades and how to go about finding the best ones for you. If you plan to use your roller blades for simple skating, such as around a park or on the sidewalk, look for a pair of recreational roller blades. These in-line skates have basic features and made for those who are new to roller blading. If you plan to play hockey with your roller blades, you will need to find a pair that are more functional. Look for sleek, lightweight blades that will increase your speed while playing. Note that many roller blades designed for roller hockey do not have a brake system. You should also search for roller blades that are durable and can withstand the punishment of the sport. Hockey blades usually have lace-up fronts and smaller wheels than traditional roller blades. If you plan to do aggressive roller blading, look for what are known as stunt blades. Stunt blades are designed for more extreme bladers who plan to do tricks with their roller blades. Stunt blades are frequently used in skate parks and on half pipes. They are usually very durable and lightweight for easy maneuverability. Lastly, women should look for a pair of roller blades made specifically for them. Women's roller blades usually have thinner wheels and a higher arch than men's blades. They are also cut lower in the back to properly fit women's calves. Regardless of the style of roller blades you buy, be sure to buy a set of high-quality wheels. Roller blade wheels are measure by their hardness, with each being provided a number between 70 and 78. The higher the number, the harder the wheel.