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No one but Dale JR knows that. His father was dead by the time Junior got to the scene.

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Q: What were the last words that Dale Earnhardt Sr. said to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
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Who said Second place is just the first loser?

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Is Dale Earnhardt and Tex Earnhardt related?

Nothing found in my brain. Maybe NO!

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have a saying?

It was "I didn't mean to wreck him I was just rattling his cage." This saying began back in 1996 I think I'm not sure but he said that back in that year (if it was 1996) he had wrecked Terry Labonte and sent him into the wall and that's when he said it. He said it in an interview. Every since that happened it just began as Dale Earnhardt's saying. It actually has the video on where Dale Sr. says it and it also shows the wreck too.

Were Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Sr. good friends or were they enemies?

Actually, they were friends. Dale always respected Jeff's abilities, and said once he was the future of Nascar. Jeff, on the other hand, said he learned more from Dale than any other driver.

What did Dale Earnhardt Sr. fear?

In an interview in 2000, Dale said his only real fear was being bored. On the track, he was utterly fearless, thus earning the monikers "Ironhead", or the "Intimidator."

What type of schooling did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have?

Earnhardt dropped out of high school after eighth grade; according to Bill Hewitt in People Weekly he later said, "I tried the ninth grade twice and quit.

Who hit Dale Earnhardt Sr's car in the 2001 Daytona 500?

Sterling Marlin's front bumper made slight contact with Dale Earnhardt's left rear quarter panel. The contact caused Dale's car to slide left onto the apron and then back up the track, collecting Ken Schrader and both cars hit the wall. It was said that Dale's car hit the wall at roughly 160 miles per hour.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch still hate each other after Richmond in 2008?

It's long been said by NASCAR insiders that the Earnhardt/Busch feud is entirely one-sided. Some have speculated that Busch may be using his comments toward Earnhardt, voted NASCAR's Most Popular Driver for several years running, to further his own career. It's also been said that Earnhardt is apathetic to the situation.

Is their going to be a new Nascar game coming out?

Yes. Gran Turismo 5 will have some Nascar in it. In 2009 Blake Davidson said that Gran Turismo 5 is going to be the best game and Dale Earnhardt Jr. was talking to EA Sports about it. There is going to be one in 2010 in the fall or winter months. Dale Earnhardt Jr. told EA that they have to look at Polphony Digital about their game.

Did Dale Jarrett and Buffy Waltrip have an affair?

No, it was never confirmed that Buffy Waltrip had an affair with anyone during her marriage to Michael Waltrip. Their marriage appeared to be in trouble starting in 2008, and they divorced in 2010. Michael has said that it was his own struggle with Dale Earnhardt's death that drove them apart.

Was Dale Earnhardt Sr. a great racer?

Yes, considered by some to be the best ever, although he didn't win the most races. The competition had gotten tougher than in the days when Richard Petty and David Pearson were racing, and Earnhardt showed a toughness and an uncanny ability to use air flow to make passes in tough turns. Jeff Gordon once said Dale could "See the air". Earnhardt's aggressive style earned him two nicknames, "Ironhead", and "The Intimidator".

How many times did Dale Earnhardt actually wreck another car with his bump and run style of racing?

An awful lot, Its been said, a talented and excellent driver don't need to knock someone out-of-the-way or out-of-the-race, Earnhardt did this way to much, but I will say this he was talented. He had bad head damage.

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What was Amelia Earhart's last words?

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Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever drive a Wrangler number 7 or 8 car?

He drove a 1975 Dodge painted blue and yellow like a Wrangler car, but it said "10,000 RPM Speed Shop" on it, not Wrangler. It was #8.

What socialist writers last words were last words are for fools who haven't said enough?

Karl Marx

Who was the most influential person in Nascar to Jeff Gordon?

Bill France Sr. He invented and started NASCAR. Jeff Gordon said he learned more about racing from Dale Earnhardt senior than from anyone else in an interview in 2000.

Who is Dale Earnhardt Sr?

Considered by many to be the greatest driver in Nascar history, Dale Earnhardt won seven Cup titles, tying him with Richard Petty, for the most ever. He won 76 Cup races, placing him fourth behind Richard Petty, David Pearson, and Jeff Gordon. An aggressive, hard nosed driver, he had nicknames like "Ironhead," "Intimidator", and they were well deserved, as one driver once said, "The thing that scares me the most is that black 3 car rollin' up behind me". Dale died tragically in an accident at the Daytona 500 in February, 2001. There will never be anyone as good as Dale Earnhardt was. He is and was the greatest racer of all time in what is today called the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. Back then it was called the Winston Cup Series. I just wish he could have lived long enough to retire and see his son be successful as well.

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