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Q: What were sports played in Britain?
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What are the most popular played sports in Britain?

it is cricket and golf

What sports are played in great Britain?

There are many sports played in Britain - including (but not limited to) Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and american football.

Sport in Britain?

There are many types of sports that are played in Britain. Popular sports include association football, tennis, golf, cricket, and rugby.

What sports were most played in Britain in the 1930s?

the sport that was most played in britainb was swimming coin throwing

Are the sports played in nigeria the same as he sports played in Britain?

No, they have some similarities but are not completely similar they probably have at least 1 person who plays each sport but it is not popular enough to be considered played by the country

What sports were played by the working class?

in Britain the working class played rugby league and boxing (both gloved and bare-knuckle).

What kind of sports are especially associated with Britain?

Football (soccer) and rugby are a couple of sports associated with Britain.

What sports is played in Britain today?

Alot Tennis, Swimming, Curling, Football ( soccer in a few countries ), Rugby, Skiing and more..

What sports are played in djibouti?

the sports that are played in djibouti are tennis

What sports are played in Greece?

all sports played in the U.S.A

Were Sports played in 1880?

Yes sports were played in the 1880s!!!!!!!!

When was Played in Britain created?

Played in Britain was created in 2002.

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