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Running races, a very violent form of boxing and Wrestling, often to the death; javelin throw.

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Q: What were some of the sports featured in the first Olympics?
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What sports are featured in the Olympics?

Some of the Summer Olympic sports are soccer, swimming, gymnastics, track, and baseball.

How are sports for the Olympics determined?

because some sports are team sports and the olympics are when you have 1 or 2 winners

What are some of the events in the olympics?

Some of the original sports in the Olympics were running, wrestling, and later boxing. Today there are 26 events in the summer Olympics and sports in the winter.

Which sports were in the 1948 summer Olympics?


What sports are done at the Olympics?

Some sports included in the Summer Olympics are swimming, gymnastics, and golf. Winter Olympic sports include luge, curling, hockey, and figure skating.

According to some literary traditions what was the only athletic event featured in the first 13 Olympics?

Well the Olympics only had a few events like running, jumping, boxing and wrestling. Only men where aloud to participate in these events.

Do all countries do all sports in the Olympics?

For all of the countries to do all the sports in the Olympics there has to be a certain amount of them in the team. However it is possible for a country to participate in all of the sports. Some of the countries this year only have a couple of players so no. All of the countries in the Olympics do not do all sports.

Why are some sports in the Olympics and some not?

Because some are not good enough to make it.

What are some of the sports featured on ESPN Radio?

Some of the sports featured on ESPN radio are football, base ball, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, NCAA, NCAAF, NHL (hockey). That is pretty much every sport. They air depending on what season it is.

What are some of the sports covered on SI Sports?

There are many sports featured and covered in the magazine Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated magazine covers soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, and football.

What sports were practiced in Ancient Greece?

Some sports are golf, tennis, Greek Olympics, and marathons.

What is the newest winter Olympics sport?

ski cross just debuted in Vancouver, but there are probably some other first time sports as well

What are some sports that people normally play for fun in Greece?

It may not be the funnest thing, but Greece invented the Olympics. They invented many different sports included in the Olympics.

What sports are featured at the Pan Am Games?

The Pan American (Pan Am) Games is a competition held every four years for athletes from the Americas. Some of the sports featured are swimming, fencing. baseball, boxing, rowing, tennis and shooting.

Why cant all sports be part of the Olympics?

all sports cant be part of the olympics because the host city will need bigger place and more stadiums and grounds to play all the sports. some sports are really long for ex: cricket these games are very long.

What sports were taken away from the Olympics?

After the 2008 Games in Beijing, baseball and softball were dropped and will no longer be competed at the Summer Olympics. Some of the other sports that have been dropped from the Olympics include golf, polo, rugby, and tug-of-war.

How do sports get into the Olympics?

you get into the Olympics by going to the Olympic committee and showing them your skills unfortunately to even try for the Olympics you must have some sign that proves your skills are Olympic material .

What are some sports that are played in the Olympics?

You would be shot in the head is one game

What sports will be in the future Olympics and why?

Obviously the same sports we use today because its always been like that. Its like some tradition they do....

Why is cricket not in Olympics?

Here are 2 reasons : 1. The Olympics sports were selected by and for European countries ,that's also why there's a winter Olympics as well 2.England and the Cricket world has not made any effort to be a part of the Olympics before. This could change as some cricketers are seeing the wisdom of being in the Olympics and there is even an online petition at Cricket2012Games to get Cricket into the 2012 Olympics. Cricket was featured in the 1900 Olympics and even though it is the second most popular sport in the world, only two teams competed, England (Gold) and France (Silver).

What are the sports MEXICO are competing in Olympics 2008?

These are some of the sports I know Mexico is competing in 2008 Olympics. Rowing, Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater, Diving, Equestrian, Sailing, Synchronized Swimming, Taekwondo.

When did Equestrian begin?

Equestrian began some 2,000 years ago, when the Greeks introduced Dressage training to prepare their horses for war. Equestrian evolved as a sport and was featured for the first time in the Olympics in 1900 in Paris, France.

What were some significant sports events in 1994?

The baseball strike shortened season was one. Glenn Robinson was drafted 1st overall by the Bucks in the NBA draft. The Winter Olympics were in Norway, whoch was the first time the winter Olympics were held on a different year from the summer Olympics

What are some ancient sports?

Some of the first sports were wrestling and swimming.

Why were some sports added to the Olympics?

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