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  • Peyton Manning - 33 touchdowns 16interceptions
  • Tom Brady - 28 touchdowns 13interceptions
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Q: What were Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's TD and interception stats in 2009?
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Who is better Eli or Peyton manning?

Eli Manning is not like Peyton Manning by his stats and his passing.Also Peyon has a better rating than eli. Peyton 95 Eli 80.2

How many wins and how many starts does Peyton Manning have in the NFL?

Peyton Manning have in the NFL has 500 wins and 94% stats.

What were Peyton Manning's combined stats in college?

He was injured and did not part take in the combine.

Is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning a better quarterback?

Peyton Manning has better stats and more NFL MVPs but Tom Brady has three Super Bowl wins. Rings don't count.

Who is a better QB Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning, he has more of everything than Brady except super bowl rings. Super bowl rings barely count. Only stats and reputation. Brady cheats, and Manning is captain comeback.

Who is better Peyton or Eli Manning?

Peyton seems better but Eli is much better Peyton. in all are better than the giants but Eli is an underanked player and his stats are 2 times better than his brother

What was Tom Bradys College Stats?


Who is the best player on the Indianappolis Colts?

Peyton Manning, but only right now, in terms of his stats. Others on the team have potential.

Who is better Peyton Manning or Dan Marino?

Peyton Manning Is statistically Superior to Dan Marino in most ways. Qb rating Manning- 95.2 Marino- 86.4, single season Qb rating Manning- 121.1 Marino- 108.9, Super bowls Manning- 1 Marino- 0. most of the other stats are unfair to compare because Marino player 17 seasons where as Manning has only played 11, however Manning in on pace to break all of Marino's bench marks and records.

What is Tom Bradys stats in madden 2003?

Probably the same stats he had in real life

Is Eli Manning better than Peyton Manning?

Eli Manning does not appear to be as good as Peyton. He does not put up the same type of stats, and, more importantly, he does not win on as consistent a basis as Peyton. In addition, the Colts' success generally occurs thanks in a major part to Peyton Manning's play and his ability to manage the offense. The Giants, on the other hand, generally win as a result of good defense and a balanced offense, where Eli is as or less important than the running game. It did take Peyton Manning longer into his career to reach and win a superbowl. However, Peyton was more valuable to his team during the superbowl as Eli and the giants offense only scored 17 points against the pats. Clearly, in a game where the 2007 patriots were held to 14 points and the opposition won by 3, the most valuable player would be on the defense. Regardless, they are both great quarterbacks, although they sometimes struggle in clutch situations and in the postseason. (Peyton has 9 wins and 9 losses in the postseason, and threw away his team's chances at a second suberbowl in the decade in last year's loss to the saints.)

Brothers playing in the NFL?

Both Eli and Peyton Manning play in the NFL. GO to this website for all of the brothers and there stats. I hope this helped.

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