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It depends on the position, but all players should keep a good balance of all their muscles with calisthenics and weight machines for their legs and torso.

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Q: What weight lifting should soccer player do?
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What is the main sports of Bulgaria?

soccer, wrestling and weight lifting

Why is soccer in the Olympics?

Omg soccer is one of the no. 1 top sports practically everyone plays it. If they have weight lifting in the Olympics why would they not have soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is weight lifting safe for children?

Children always should be supervised when lifting weights and instructed on proper form during weight lifting. Otherwise, yes, weight lifting is safe for children.

How much should a soccer player weigh?

I'd say almost any weight as long as it is toned i mean muscular there will never be a chubby soccer player.

How do you gain weight by lifting weights?

Exactly as you said: by lifting weights. Regardless of what type of weight-lifting program you are following, lifting weights will (and should; if not, increase the weight/reps) will increase muscle size and ultimately lead to a heavier weight.

Do you usually gain or lose weight lifting weights?

This depends on the person and the kind of weight lifting you do. The short answer however is that lifting weights should help you to lose fat and gain muscle. If you are lifting heavily in order to gain muscle mass, you will gain weight. However, if you are lifting to get lean muscle, it should help to lose weight.

What is the best weight for soccer player?


Does weight lifting ruin your ability to draw?

No it should not at all

When lifting weight up against gravity you should?


Should you inhale or exhale when lifting a weight up?


What age should a boy start weight lifting?

At the age of 21, a boy can start weight lifting. It is more advisable to start weight lifting at the right age. Because, some says if a boy starts weight lifting at an early age they not get tall. And their height will be the same as they start. I advice to take weight lifting, and make yourself fit, if your on the right age already.

Is weight lifting an olympic sport?

There are many different types of weight lifting. There is Olympic Weight Lifting which includes Power Lifting, and then there is Strength Training and Body Building.

What is power lifting?

its a weight lifting thing

Should Weight should never be placed on the rear of the forklift to increase lifting capacity?


What is power in weight lifting?

To be honest, I'm just starting out in weight lifting. But to me, power, as it relates to weight lifting, is the ability to consistently lift a given amount of weight.

How old should you be before weight lifting?

at least 9 years old

Weight should never be placed on the rear of the truck to increase lifting capacity.?


Should you lift weight every day?

It depends on what you want to accomplish, or rather what your goal is. If your goal is body building or power lifting or weight lifting then the answer is YES If your goal is only fitness or weight loss then the answer is NO.

What type of weight lifting should a basketball player do?

If you are a basketball player then any type of weightlifting isn't the best idea, go for more stamina work and maybe get on a rowing machine.

What workout to do when your a basketball player?

Smaller basketball players will do more running and agility workouts, medium sized players will do a mix of running and weight lifting, and larger players will do mostly weight lifting.

Which machine is recommended for the beginner weight lifter?

Newcomers to weight lifting should look for a machine that offer the most versatile benefits for users. The most recommended brand is the Elite Crossover Weight Lifting Machine.

At what age do a person starts lifting weight?

They should start at age 18 or older

How long should weight lifting bar be?

In Europe, bar are being 1.5 metre.

Weight should never be placed on the rear of the forklift to increase lifting capacity.?


The two different weight lifts in weight lifting?

In Olympic lifting there is the clean and jerk, and the snatch.