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Q: What weight division did Ernie Chavis fight in?
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Who was john chavis howe?

He was the first African American to fight in the revolutionary war.

Why do Alfonso and Ernie quarrel about Sandra?

mean fight

What weight division does Antonio Tarver fight in?

Antonio Tarver is now boxing in the heavyweight division. He had his first fight in over a year last month and weighed 221 pounds. He plans on having more fights in the heavyweight division. Tarver fought as a light heavyweight from 1997 thru 2009.

What if Ernie the giant chicken fought Joe?

Since Ernie & Peter were a tie in their fight & since Joe beat the snot out of Peter, Cleveland, & Quagmire combined Joe would do the same with Ernie.

When does Ernie the Chicken appear on Family Guy and When does he fight with Peter?

The 1st fight: "DaBoom" (Season 2).The 2nd fight: "Blind Ambition" (Season 4).The 3rd fight: "No Chris Left Behind" (Season 5).Ernie's 4th : Cameo in "Meet The Quagmires"(Season 5) but a fight is prevented.Ernie's 5th : Cameo in "The Juice is Loose"(Season 7) in the mob confronting O.J. SimpsonErnie's 6th : Cameo in "Big Man on Hippocampus"(Season 8) He hits Peter with an odd number of objects helping him to regain his memory.Ernie's 7th : Cameo in "Go Stewie Go" (Season 8)Ernie's 8th & 10th : Ernie played the role of Boba Fett in "Something Something Something Dark Side"(Season 8) & "It's a Trap" (Season 9)Ernie's 9th : Cameo in "Trading Spaces" (Season 9)Ernie's 11th : The fourth Peter vs Ernie fighthappened in the Season 10 finale, "Internal Affairs"Ernie's 12th appearance and fifth fight was seen in reverse, in Season 11's "Yug Ylimaf"

Will Ernie the Giant Chicken ever die?

There hasn't been a Peter/Ernie fight since 2012 so it's possible the writers have given up on the fights but sure if they wanted to finally kill Ernie off they could.

What UFC weight class is kimbo slice in?

Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the Light Heavy Weight Division in the UFC (205 lbs). Although since Kimbo Slice is not a contender and will most likely never be a contender he will fight at whatever weight has the most appealing opponent.

What are the types of division?

Military (infantry) division (a division of soldiers who fight primarily with small arms)Mathematical division (the inverse of multiplication)See link below

Do Sumo wrestlers fight by their weight?

No, they actually fight by skill level. Weight is not factored into the competition.

The sympathetic division is often casually referred to as the?

"fight or flight"

How much weight did brock lesnar cut before his last fight?

The upper limit for the heavyweight division in the UFC is 265 pounds. Brock lesnar is usually around 300 pounds during off-season and cuts around 30 pounds every time before taking the fight. I think he would've done the same thing for his last fight with Alistair Overeem too. Most fighters fight at the exact limit or at a weight just below the limit. So, he may not have cut weight to go below the 265 pound limit.

Can Anderson Silva fight in the heavyweight division?

He certainly could. As far as the weight class goes... Anyone weighing 206-265 can fight at the weight. Anderson at his highest weight...pre-cut (water weight) or what they call your "walking" weight. Is roughly 210-215 pounds. Perhaps at the highest 220..but no more. This DOES qualify him to fight in the division. BUT to put this into perspective. Thiago Alves just fought Georges St. Pierre at the welterweight limit of 170 pounds. Meaning that Alves...weighed in officially for that fight roughly 24 hours before the event and came in at 170. Know what he walked into the octagon at a day later? In the high 190's. read that right...Alves weighed about 196 pound on fight night. This means that although Silva COULD fight at heavy. He would be fighting guy SUBSTANTIALLY larger than him. So...why do that? I'd rather see him fight at lightheavy if he wanted to jump up in weight. With the one exception of Fedor. Fedor is a small heavyweight. And I think Anderson Silva would likely beat Fedor, because it would really come down to skill not really size in that fight. Hope that answers your question. Cheers!