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Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the Light Heavy Weight Division in the UFC (205 lbs). Although since Kimbo Slice is not a contender and will most likely never be a contender he will fight at whatever weight has the most appealing opponent.

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Q: What UFC weight class is kimbo slice in?
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Is kimbo slice in the UFC?

No Kimbo Slice is not in the ufc yes he is , he beat Houston Alexander in the ultimate fighter finale .

Is kimbo slice still in UFC?

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson has never fought in or for the Ultimate Fighing Championship or "UFC". He has only fought professionally for Elite XC, which is now bankrupt.

What UFC fighter knocked Kimbo Slice out in 3 seconds?

Kimbo Slice was knocked out by Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds, not 3 seconds.

Will kimbo slice ever fight in the UFC?

yes it has been said he supposed to be a ufc fighter soon

Could a street fighter become a UFC fighter?

Kimbo Slice was a street fighter and has become a UFC fighter.

Is UFC acting?

no it is real because i know kimbo slice and i went to one of his fight

Cheat to get kimbo slice in ufc undisputed 09?

there isn't one but he is rumored to be in the 2010 game

Can a UFC fighter have an assault record?

Kimbo Slice I am sure had some kind of a criminal background.

Does kimbo slice fight in UFC?

Kimbo Slice is no longer part of the UFC roster. He used to fight in the UFC but left them in 2010. He is currently a professional boxer. He had only one fight in the UFC which he lost. The fight was at UFC 113 against Matt Mitrione which he lost by TKO. He did not fight for UFC again after that.

In MMA who would win in a fight Brock Lesner Or Kimbo Slice?

Brock Lesnar has the better record of the two. He has fought a significantly higher calibre of fighter, and has never been knocked out. Kimbo Slice has never fought a top 10 Heavyweight fighter, and was knocked out by a light heavyweight fighter who was cut from the UFC for not being good enough (Seth Petruzelli) Kimbo Slice will be participating in the 10th series of the ultimate fighter reality show to fight for a UFC contract. Rumour has it that he has been defeated during the show. If true this means Kimbo Slice was not capable enough to defeat even non-UFC fighters, let alone the current UFC heavyweight champion.

What is kimbo slice famous for?

Street fights that were video taped. UFC fighting now a days. He also has dabbled in music.

What is the ufc fight name that knocked kimbo slice out in 3 seconds?

No one knocked him out in 3 seconds. But Seth Petruzelli knocked him out within the 14 seconds of the first round. He was the closest timing to three seconds to ever knocking him out in Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock.