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Soccer or Football is a sport which is played in highly variable weather like Snow and Rain. But usually Cool, Sunny weather is considered perfect for Football.

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Q: What weather is soccer played in?
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Is soccer played in specific kind of weather?

No! Soccer is infact one of the few sports which can be played in nearly any weather. But probably the best weather for soccer, if any, are cool, sunny conditions.

Are soccer games suspended for weather?

Soccer is played in all weather conditions except for lightning and hurricanes.

What sports are typically played in sunny weather?

There are many sports that are generally played in sunny weather. The biggest sports that are typically sunny weather sports would be sports like tennis, soccer, and baseball.

Places were soccer is played?

Soccer is played at Connections, in a soccer field, and any other places where soccer is played.

What are the differences between volleyball and soccer?

Volleyball is played with a volleyball while soccer is played with a soccer.

Where in England was soccer played?

soccer? don't you mean football? soccer isn't played in the UK

When is soccer played?

Soccer is played mostly from spring to fall.

Is soccer mostly played in Mexico?


Why is soccer played?

Soccer is played everywhere, all over the world

Who played soccer and cricket for Ireland?

Roy keane played soccer

What country is soccer played in?

Soccer can be played in any country in the universe.

What kind of field is soccer played on?

Soccer is played on a Soccer or (as it is called everywhere outside of the USA) a Football pitch.

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

Where is soccer played at?

On a soccer feild..?

Does a soccer ball curl more in humid or dry conditions?

I believe the humid weather due to the fact that the weather can usually affect the outcome of the total spin of the soccer ball.

When was soccer first played?

soccer was first played by the England dutchman in 1448.

Where is soccer played outdoor or indoor?

soccer can be played in both: outdoor and indoor

What is more played soccer or football?

Soccer is played 100 times more!

What kind of weather should you play soccer?

let me guess a nice calm sunny weather

What sports you can't do at bad weather?

In bad weather you can''t do sports like soccer an football

How is the word soccer in the sentence The boy played soccer an adjective?

Soccer isn't an adjective, it's a noun. There are no adjectives in the sentence. 'Boy' and 'soccer' are nouns, and 'played' is the verb.

Why did David Beckham choose to play soccer?

he played football first then played soccer :)

Which sport was played first Baseball basketball football or soccer?

Soccer was played first.

Is soccer going to be played in US?

Soccer is played somewhere in the US every day.

Is soccer the most played sport in Jamaica?

no, actually soccer is most played in Arjentina.