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Q: Is soccer mostly played in Mexico?
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What country is soccer mostly played in?

This sport is played most in Brazil and Mexico!

What sports do Americans mostly play?

Football is the United States most played sport, I believe it is the same for canda but I believe soccer is Mexico's mostly played sport.

When is soccer played?

Soccer is played mostly from spring to fall.

What are three activities played in Mexico?

Soccer, street soccer and

Why is soccer important in Mexico?

Soccer is so important in Mexico because it is the sport most played in that country.

How is soccer valued in Mexico?

It is the most widely played sport in Mexico.

What are the sports played in guadalajara Mexico?


What are the sports most played in Mexico?


Which sport is played mostly with the feet?


What is the mostly played sport in Hungary?


Did Mexico invent soccer?

No,some Chinese militants did back in about 476 BC-221 BC. But soccer is the #1 played sport in Mexico

What types of sports are played in Egypt?

They play soccer, polo, and cricket, but mostly soccer.

What sports do they play in Mexico?

soccer mostly but they dont call it that they call it futbol.Type your answer here...

What is the national sport of Mexico?

Soccer is the most played.

What are popular sports played in Mexico?

Soccer and Football

What is the most common sport played in Mexico?

most likely soccer Soccer or called football...

What are all the sports that are played in Peru?

mostly soccer

When was the first time the Mexico soccer team played?


When Have England ever played soccer against Mexico?


Where was the first soccer game played at?

its hard to know but i think its was played a mexico or england

Were was soccer mostly played in?

England. It's there main sport.

What are the sports played in Brazil?

mostly soccer but there are other ones

How are sports played in Guatemala?

They mostly play soccer in Guatemala.

Is soccer a fall sport?

Soccer can be an all year round sport if you do it at a very elite level but soccer is mostly played in the spring and fall.

Does Mexico have any professional sports?

Yes it does. I am half Mexican and I know for sure soccer is the sport there and it is played professionally too. In fact, the Mexico soccer team won the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics this summer for soccer.