What way round should skateboard go?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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it depends on if you ride goofy or regular

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Q: What way round should skateboard go?
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Given the same slope angle which is faster a snowboard or skateboard?

a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster

How much should a barely used Element skateboard sell for?

it should go for about $42.00USD

Why is it that when you jump off a skateboard you go one way and the skateboard goes the other?

Not a skater, but, I am a "nerd". It's because you push OFF of the skateboard. It's hard to explain, but go to youtube, and watch how their feet are angled, and which way the board goes. It will make better sense. Easier to show than tell. Never seen anyone jump off a skateboard and NOT have it go the other way, if you do, Good Job, because I hang out with a lot of really good skaters!

Which surface will a skateboard go the longest distance?

A skateboard will go further on concrete.

How do you do a power slide on a skateboard?

just start out like your trying to do a revert and just go half way around.

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Why does my satellite skateboard turn badly?

Probably because the trucks are to tight. The lighter you are the looser the trucks should be. It could possibly be that you just are trying to turn the correct way go to you tube and learn to steer.

How do you find the right skateboard?

to find the right skateboard you would have to go to multiple different stores and test them out and pick the perfect skateboard.

Can a skateboard be invisible?

go watch the invisible skateboard section of the video "Yeah Right" by girl

Should you buy a cruiser if you have a skateboard?

Cruisers are fun to have and go faster than most skateboards. If you have the money then buy one