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Basketball was originally played with a peach basket without the bottom hense the name "basket"ball

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Q: What was used for the first basketball rim?
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What is the rim in basketball?

The rim is the circular hoop attached perpendicularly to the backboard. The rim is usually painted orange and is made of iron. When the game first originated, a basket was used instead of a rim, which is why it is called 'basketball'.

What is a basketball rim used for?

A basketball rim is used for knowing how far you can shoot a basketball into the basketball hoop. It also determines your accuracy and stamina with the sport.

What were the first basketball rim and backboard made out of?

a peach basket

Who was the first person to ever break the basketball rim?

Daryl daltoc

What is size of standard basketball rim?

The diameter of a standard basketball rim is 18 inches.

How far is it from the rim to the ground on a basketball goal?

The basketball rim is ten feet from the ground.

What is height of hoop for girls basketball?

The hoop used in girls basketball is a standard 10 foot rim, the same as for boys basketball.

How is pi used in basketball?

Pi is used in basketball to measure the curcumference of diameter in the basketball itself, the hoop, the rim, and the ring that the players do the jump ball in.-Sanderson Pickweal .

What is the height of the basketball rim?

the basketball heightis Harvey

What is the width of basketball rim?

The diameter of the rim is 18 inches.

What was the first basketball rim and backboard make out of?

i read about it in the complete idiots guide to basketball the first basketball goal was made out of a peach basket,pole and a soccer ball - alex

What is the height of a basketball ring?

1: its called a rim 2: the rim on a regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet

What is the diameter for basketball rim?


What is the size of a basketball rim?


What are Basketball rim dimensions?

18 "

Rim in basketball?

10 feet

What is the circumference of the basketball rim?

A basketball rim's circumference is 62 inches. Its diameter is twice the ball's diameter or 18 inches.

What is the rim in basketball attached to?

On a standard basketball net, the rim is attached perpendicularly to the backboard, which is usually white (or clear) in colour.

When was the first basketball rim created?

1967 hahaha that is the wrong answer i just wanted to put something

Where did the basketball net came from?

When basketball was first found, they used a laundry basket as a goal. then the rim was invented, then someone just had the idea to make a net out of string. By the time u knew it, it was known as a net.

What is a basketball net?

a basketball net is the net hanging from the bottom of the rim on the basketball hoop

What was the first basketball used?

the first basketball was a soccer ball

What is the height of the Rim of the basketball?

An NBA regulation rim is 10 feet high.

Diamentions of a basketball ring?

The diameter of a basketball rim is 18 inches.

What is the diameter of a basketball rim versus the circumference of the basketball?

Two basketballs can fit in the hoop so the ball is half the size of the rim