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February 25, 1964 when he stopped Sonny Liston in 7 rounds.

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Q: What was the year Muhammad ali won his first heavyweight championship?
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What year did edge win his first world heavyweight championship?

Edge won his irst world heavyweight championship in 2007 defeating batista.

Year Muhammad ali defeated sonny liston for the world's heavyweight boxing championship?

1964, 25th february.

What year did Cassius clay win the world heavyweight boxing championship?

1964 1974 1978

What was Muhammad ali achievements?

World Heavyweight Champion These are the achievements Muhammad Ali have made in 1959 he has won the light-heavyweight and the national golden. Another achievement is he became the World heavyweight Champion 3 times. In 1960 he have won the gold medal, Rome Olympics, and became the light-heavyweight champion again. In 1974 he have became the Sportsman of the year and fighter of the year. Muhammad is a famed boxer, He then became a professional boxer winning the majority of his fights

Who won the Sportsman of the Year Award in 1974?

1974 Muhammad Ali Boxing World heavyweight champion

Is Shawn michales going to win the world heavyweight championship at no mercy 08?

Obviously not, when it was last year.

What year year was Muhammad Ali in the Olympics?

1960 Summer Games in Rome. He won the gold medal in light-heavyweight class boxing.

What year did Muhammad Ali win a gold medal?

Ali won gold as a light heavyweight at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

What year and city did Muhammad Ali win the olympic gold medal?

1960 Games in Rome in light heavyweight class boxing.

What year did Muhammad ali become world champion?

Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston to win the world heavyweight title on February 25, 1964 in Miami Beach, Florida.

What year did the cricket county championship begin?

The first year of the Cricket County Championship was 1890.

What year did Muhammad Ali win the Olympic Games?

He won the Light Heavyweight Gold Medal for the United States at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy.

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