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Q: What was the total number of sports that youth Olympian were involved in?
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How many total gods AND goddesses?

there are 12 olympian

How many Olympian gods where there?

There were 12.Answer:The total number of Greek gods exceeded 300. Se link for attributes and names.

What is the total number of NCAA Division 1 teams including all sports?

347 total teams

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There are 5 olympian goddesses and over 200 total

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The Finnish Olympic Committee selected a total of 55 athletes to compete in 13 sports.

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Average points per game is a statistic used in many sports to analyze performance. It is calculated by taking the total number of points scored and dividing that total by the number of games played.

How many sports are there in the ancient Olympics?

At first, there was only footracing during the ancient Olympics, but later there came wrestling, boxing, javelin and discus throwing, long jumping, and chariot racing. There were no other sports involved, so when you total what I listed for you there, your answer should be 7.

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mountain biking, diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, canyoning, golfing, and fishing - to name a few

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There were multipule crusades, many of witch had 10,000+ people involved. So in total there were probaly about 150,000+ people in total.

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UNFCCC member countries are involved in it. There are total 63 countries.

How many gods demi-gods titans and muses are there total?

well there are 12 mail olympian gods, 12 main titans, and 9 muses, so the math and you get 33 total