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Q: How many activitys are there in the Olyimpics?
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How many winners are there in the olyimpics?


How many olyimpics have there been?


How many years between each summer olyimpics?

the summer olyimpics occur every 2 years

How many events in the olyimpics?

80 million

How many games were there in the first olyimpics?


How many people go to the olyimpics?


How many contiries will be competing on 2012 olyimpics?


Is volleyball in the olyimpics?

yes beach volley ball is in the summer olyimpics

How many countries competed in the 2014 olyimpics?

99 and 1000 athles

When will Chris Hoy stop doing the olyimpics?

chris hoy will stop the olyimpics when he wants to

Why was the olyimpics given the name the olyimpics?

because the Olympics was made by a man with the surname Olympic

What activitys can you do in the savanna?

drinking it