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2.0 to Liverpool

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Q: What was the score when Liverpool and Everton were against each other February 2010?
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Who has won the most games againest each other everton fc or Liverpool fc?


Which 2 carling premiership football clubs are the closest to each other?

Liverpool and everton

Where is the Liverpool hope university?

Liverpool Hope University is located in Liverpool, England. However it also has two other campuses, one in Everton and another in Chadwall.

Who scored in the 3-0 everton Liverpool game?

Tim Cahill scored the first goal and Andrew Johnson scored the other two.

Where were the 1989 FA cup semi finals played at?

The Semi Final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest was abandoned due to the Hillsborough Disaster. So therefore it was played at Old Trafford and Liverpool won 3-1. The other Semi Final was between Everton and Norwich City and Everton won 1-0.

Did everton play in the champions league 2005?

they had finished fourth in the 2004-05 season......and that is the same season when Liverpool finished 5th in the premier league but on the other hand the Champions league was also won by Liverpool after the finals it was decided that the champions league holder has to play in the champions league on a mandatory basis and thus liver pool were part of the 2005-2006 champions league..... Everton on the other hand after finishing fourth had a chance to play in the champions league, but at that time of the decade the rule said that the teams finishing third and fourth in the league has to go through a qualifying round, and thus Everton did not beat the team which was pitted against it and thus did not play in the champions league.......

When was The Other Side of Liverpool created?

The Other Side of Liverpool was created in 2010.

How often during the season is there a Chelsea vs Everton match?

In the English Premier League, each team plays against the other teams twice during a season. This manes that during the season there are 2 Chelsea vs Everton matches each year.

Who is won more games against each other between Liverpool and man united?

Liverpool have played Manchester United a total of 178 times in competitive matches. As of January 2010, Manchester United have won 68 matches and Liverpool have won 60 (the other 50 have been draws).

Who won the most games out Aston Villa and Liverpool since they first game they played against each other?

Liverpool, with 80 wins. Villa have won 52 and there have been 38 draws.

Which teams have been in the premiership every season?

Aston Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. This answer is incorrect. Blackburn were relegated, Brian Kidd was the manager at the time. The season was 1998-1999. The other clubs relegated that season were Nottingham Forest & Charlton Athletic. There are seven clubs never relegated and they are : Aston Villa Arsenal Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham These same seven clubs are the country's leading trophies winners : Liverpool = 40 trophies Manchester United + 39 trophies Arsenal = 27 trophies Aston Villa = 20 trophies Tottenham = 17 trophies Chelsea = 16 trophies Everton = 15 trophies Everton are the longest team in top flight history and Arsenal second that. However Arsenal have never been relegated. All these are facts.

Who are the bigger club everton or leeds united?

Everton, More major honours and they are in the topflight!(Have been longer than any other team)

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