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Q: What was the original colors of the Oakland Raiders helmet?
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Which NFL teams have a helmet in their emblem?

The Oakland Raiders. The Miami Dolphins used to but a new dolphin logo without the helmet was introduced in 2013.

What does gu on NFL helmet mean?

Gene Upshaw, 15 year member of the Oakland Raiders, Hall Of famer died August 2008

What two NFL teams have helmets in their helmet insignia?

raiders and dolphins

What 2 NFL teams have helmets in their helmet insignia?

raiders and dolphins

Which NFL teams have the name of their team on the helmet?

Steelers, Jets, Raiders

What 2 colors are shown on the chevron custom helmet cover?

There can be any number of colors on a custom riding helmet cover. Most people get colors in their barn or farm colors.

Is Oakland raider helmet logo with eye patch a real person?

It is believed that the "Pirate" depicted on the Raiders' logo is actor Randolph Scott. I do not know why he was chosen. After comparison, the pirate looks like the actor Scott.

What does the Raiders logo look like?

The Raiders are a professional football team based out of Oakland, California. Their logo is black, gray, and white. A man with an eye patch covering his right eye is wearing a helmet with swords protruding from each side. For pictures of the actual logo, one may look at the official NFL website.

What colors or on the lsu football helments?

The colors of the LSU football helmet is yellow and with a Tiger on it

What is the Denver Broncos original colors?

The Broncos original uniforms had white and yellow jerseys with brown pants and a brown helmet. That changed in 1962 to white pants, orange helmets, and orange and white jerseys. Current team pants are white with blue or white or orange jerseys and a blue and orange helmet.

How much is a raiders mini helmet signed by Darren Mcfadden worth?

2,500$ if you go to the rite person

Where can a person purchase a helmet in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

A person can purchase a helmet in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the following online stores; NFL Shop, FansEdge, Football Fanatics, and TheFind.

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