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2007 switched to met. white

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Q: What year did the chargers helmet colors change?
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Phillip Riversis the Chargers MVP this year, he is a BEAST!

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The Chargers have never won the Superbowl.

What year did the chargers win the Super Bowl?

The Chargers have never won the Super Bowl.

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When was the last time the chargers beat the ravens?

Seems like the Ravens usually have the upper hand in playing the Chargers. The last time the Ravens lost to the Chargers was back in the year 2009. This year could make a difference, maybe.

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34 to 100

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The Chargers selected Tomlinson in the 2001 NFL draft.

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After his release from the Chargers, he has signed a 2 year contrct with the New York Jets.

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The Steelers

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In 2010.

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The seasonal opener game for the San Diego Chargers football team takes place in the fall season of each year. The Chargers season opener game typically occurs in September.

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Not this year.