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Gylfi Sigurdsson was on loan at Swansea before he moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 2012. In 2014 he left Tottenham Hotspur to join Swansea on a permanent basis.

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Q: What was the name of the Swansea City player who moved to Tottenham Hotspur?
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When did Dimitar Berbatov leave Tottenham Hotspur?

Dimitar Berbatov moved to Manchester United on 1th, September, 2008, costing the club £30 million and signing a four-year contract.

What football team is peter crouch playing for now September 2011?

He is now playing for Stoke City. He moved to Stoke from Tottenham Hotspur for £10 million on the last day of the 2011 summer transfer window.

Who was the first player to score a hat trick in the FA Premiership?

The first player to score a hat trick in the Premier League was Eric Cantona, who scored three goals in a single game for Leeds United against Tottenham Hotspur on August 25, 1992. Cantona moved to United on November 26, 1992 and became the first player to win back-to-back top division English titles with two different clubs.

Who is Steven Caulker?

Steven Caulker (born December 29, 1991 in Feltham) is an English footballer who, as of March 2014, plays for Cardiff City. He is a centre-back. Caulker started his senior career for Tottenham Hotspur in 2009, spending time on loan at Yeovil Town, Bristol City, and Swansea City. Caulker moved to Cardiff City in July 2013, for a then club-record fee of £8 million. Caulker has international experience at youth level for England, and was part of the Great British 2012 Olympic football team.

How do you re-new your british driving licence?

Apply to DVLA Swansea. When your licence is about to end you will get a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency reminding you to re-apply. If you have moved recently and not told them then you can contact them yourself and ask for a form to re-apply for your licence. DVLA Swansea SA99 1BN

What was the date of spurs founded?

In 1882 the Hotspur Football Club was formed by grammar school boys from the bible class at All Hallows Church. They were also members of Hotspur Cricket Club and it is thought that the name Hotspur was associated with Sir Henry Percy (Sir Harry Hotspur) who was "Harry Hotspur" of Shakespeare's Henry IV, part 1, and who lived locally during the 14th century and whose descendants owned land in the neighbourhood. In 1884 the club was renamed Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Club to distinguish itself from another team called London Hotspur. At first Spurs played in navy blue shirts. The club colours then varied from light blue and white halved jerseys, to red shirts and blue shorts, through chocolate brown and old gold and then finally, in the 1899-00 season, to white shirts and navy blue shorts as a tribute to Preston North End, the most successful team of the time. In 1888 Tottenham moved their home fixtures from the Tottenham Marshes to Northumberland Park where the club was able to charge for spectator admission. An attempt to join an aborted Southern League, instigated by Royal Arsenal (later Arsenal), failed in 1892 when they were the only club of the 23 applicants to receive no votes. They turned professional just before Christmas 1895 and were then admitted to the Southern League and attracted crowds nearing 15,000. Charles Roberts became chairman in 1898 and stayed in post until 1943. In 1899 Spurs made their final ground move to a former market garden in nearby High Road, Tottenham. In time the ground became known as White Hart Lane, a local thoroughfare. Tottenham were the considerable beneficiaries of the escalating unionisation of the northern professional game in the 1890s. Both John Cameron and John Bell, formerly Everton players came to play for Tottenham as a result of the conflict caused by their organisation of the Association Footballers' Union, a forerunner of the Professional Footballers' Association. As a direct result of this in 1900, Tottenham won the Southern League title and crowned this achievement the next year by winning the FA Cup - becoming the only non-League club to do so since the formation of the Football League. The cup was presented to Spurs captain Jack Jones with coloured ribbons on, tied there for the first time by the wife of the Spurs director, Morton Cadman, thus starting the long held tradition of tying ribbons in Cup competitions, which continues to this day. Tottenham won election to the Second Division of the Football League for the 1908-09 season, immediately winning promotion as runners-up to the First Division. Their record between 1910-1911 and the Great War was poor and when football was suspended at the end of the 1914-15 season, Tottenham were bottom of the league.

What football team does peter crouch play for?

Peter Crouch plays for Stoke City after he moved from Tottenham Hotspurs on the last day of the Transfer Window.

Which player moved from southamptom to Liverpool to Portsmouth?

Peter Crouch

Has any player ever moved from arsenal to man utd?

Viv Anderson moved from Arsenal to Manchester United in 1987.

Who is Alan Hutton?

Alan Hutton (born November 30, 1984 in Glasgow) is a Scottish footballer who, as of March 2014, plays for Aston Villa as a right back. Hutton began his career playing for Scottish side Rangers for six seasons, before going south of the border, joining Tottenham Hotspur. after loan club Sunderland failed to sign him on a permanent basis, he moved to Aston Villa. Since joining Aston Villa, he has joined Nottingham Forest, Spanish side Mallorca, and Bolton Wanderers on loan.

Which player moved from fulham to man united to everton?

Louis Saha

Which football player moved to America in 2006 and was the world's highest paid footballer at the time?

david beckham he actually moved in 2007

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